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Jesus, First-Century Rabbi: A Tale of Love and Caution

The first century is a time whose stories evoke controversy as perhaps no other period in the history of religion. Who was “the real” Jesus? The answer to that question has altered loves for better and for worse until our very day. So a book like Jesus: First Century Rabbi, by Rabbi David Zaslow, which tries [Read More…]

The Historical Jesus and Rabbi David Zaslow’s “Jesus: First-Century Rabbi”: A Review

By Amber Stamper Assistant Professor of Language, Literature, and Communication at Elizabeth City State University, NC Fascination with the “historical Jesus” has occupied scholars for well over two centuries, and myriad portraits of Jesus have emerged to line the bookshelves of religious historians and theologians alike: “Jesus as social revolutionary,” “Jesus as political radical,” “Jesus [Read More…]

Better Than We Believed: A Q&A with Fr. Robert Cormier

This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring a new book by author and priest Father Robert Cormier aimed straight at the hard questions of faith. Better That We Believed is a book of questions and responses, told through the stories of ordinary people like you and me. People that struggle with anger, with [Read More…]

Angels, Today: A Q&A with “The Angel Effect’s” John Geiger

“When people in Ancient Greece, or in Biblical times, or the Middle Ages, or in the First World War, or today, talk about angels intervening, historians have always dismissed their accounts as lies or considered them allegorical. I am now convinced that these are real, lived experiences. When people talk of angels, they should be [Read More…]

Catholic Imagination and Hebraic Thinking

By Bethanie Ryan My favorite part of Rabbi David Zaslow’s new book, Jesus: First-Century Rabbi, is Chapter Eight: Hebraic Thinking. Not because his characterization of Jewish thought was new to me, because it wasn’t. Not because it was the easiest part for me to understand, the whole book is very readable. It’s because, as a [Read More…]

Rich in Years: A Book Review

Book Review: Rich in Years: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life By Johann Christoph Arnold Edith Imhoff passed through life known by almost no one. I was one of the fortunate exceptions. During the Jesus Movement of the late sixties, she lived in the county seat town where I went to college. Before [Read More…]

Jesus, First-Century Rabbi: A Q&A with Rabbi David Zaslow

“I cannot imagine a Christian whose Christianity would not be greatly enhanced by deepening his or her knowledge of the historical Jesus, the Jewish Jesus and about the religion of Judaism …. Simultaneously, it seems to be the right time for Jews to reclaim Jesus as an authentic Jewish teacher and native son.” — Rabbi [Read More…]