When turmoil happens in the macrocosm, so goes the microcosm as well. So it’s not surprising that there has been a lot of “drama” in the Pword community in recent years (and days). Read more

Are we asking ourselves: what’s working, what’s not working, and where do we want to go with this? Or are we tossing people up onto pedestals or into the trash? Read more

To celebrate the official release, I am doing a contest where you can win** a signed copy of my book or the opportunity to win a custom sigil by me. Read post carefully for details. Read more

Have you ever thought about creating a sigil for the New Year? Here’s one we crafted for 2018. Read more

Here is my last round-up post for 2017 – it’s the top 5 most popular posts of this past year. They have received the most amount of shares/unique hits out of all of the posts for the calendar year. Read more

I wanted to share with you what five posts from this past year are on my list of favorites from 2017. Read more

Did you miss reading these articles in 2017? Most of these include really helpful approaches to difficult issues, and a couple are fun explorations of concepts. Read more

Yeah, that sure seems like a lot of books to me too, so I totally understand why folks are like, “damn, which book now?” This year basically became the perfect storm of books. Read more

Now is not the time to passively expect the light to return – we can no longer afford to wait or expect others to do it. Read more

You know what folks? The “kids” are alright. In fact, they’re more than alright, they’re pretty freaking awesome. Read more

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