If given the option between acting out (magically, verbally, or otherwise) against someone you know in your microcosm that will make you feel instantly vindicated – and doing a prolonged working to cause significant change against a larger defined “enemy” or creates a greater good that is harder to define in the macrocosm – what would you choose? Read more

It’s a small thing, barely 3″ across – but it has become so much larger in so many ways. Read more

It can sound difficult to talk with the gods, but I think it’s much harder to talk with each other. Read more

Do I speak for Hekate? Do I speak as Hekate? I think it’s more like speaking WITH Hekate, sharing words together. Read more

How well do you ride the broom? Folks talk about using brooms to ride to the Sabbat, jumping over them for special occasions like hand-fastings, and other ritual uses. Like the cauldron, the broom is another rather mundane and ubiquitous household item that has become associated with Witchcraft. Why? During the Witch-Craze, witch-hunters made money off of seeding fears that fed into hysteria: that witches could be anywhere, anyone.  Nothing was sacred, everything could be perverted for their use -… Read more

When confronted with a puzzle, there’s a compulsion to explore, maybe get lost for a bit, and hopefully find our way out Read more

But as fears fueled by Satanic panic and stranger danger cut back on Halloween festivities, as I grew up, I found myself tied more deeply to the season itself. Read more

I’m of the mind that the dead are present in various forms all year round. But now is the time when we think about them the most, probably with good reason. Read more

I look at the churning, bubbling cauldron that the world is right now with quite a mixture of thoughts and feelings. I can’t shake the feeling that we’re on the verge of a massive breakdown and cultural collapse. Read more

So here’s one of those questions: “Do I even need to find a teacher in the Craft?” The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. Read more

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