From here on, we will be using Google Plus Hang Outs On Air, which broadcasts to my Youtube channel. I will also be writing a recap of Episodes 1 and 2 (“Bitchcraft” and “Boy Parts”); stay tuned! Read more

My friend and fellow Patheos blogger Lilith Dorsey, a New York-based voodoo priestess who has strong ties to New Orleans, will be having a live Google Hang Out chat about the show’s first episode. Read more

So, some lucky critics got to see a preview of AMERICA HORROR STORY: COVEN recently, and the verdict from Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibberd is that it is the best (read: most accessible and “least weird”) season yet. Apparently there is even some comedy to lighten the mood! Read more

Are you ready for The Wicker Man: Final Cut? It’s out this Friday!!! To get you psyched, here are some wise and weird tales from the film’s original artists. This new interview from The Guardian offers some wonderfully illuminating and delicious details from the makers of the 1973’s cult classic The Wicker Man. Like this tidbit from music director Gary Carpenter: We called ourselves Magnet and got into Paul’s soundworld very quickly. We were interested in this semi-mystical occult shit and… Read more

Yes, THAT Daniel Knauf, the one who created HBO’s Carnivale. This new series, starring Jonathan Rhys Myers, looks simply scrumptious, and very racy for NBC. How wonderful that this talented writer and director now has an exciting new project happening after so many Carnivale fans were left bereft… If you have not seen Carnivale, the big budget, lush, stunning historical drama about a traveling carnival during the Dustbowl/Depression era, you have no idea what dizzy, heady heights television can achieve. Check… Read more

The third season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY is subtitled COVEN and will be set in both Salem, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana. Read more

Devil’s Knot, the feature narrative film about the West Memphis Three, is beginning to receive its first industry reviews from its premiere screenings at the Toronto Film Festival. The Three were convicted of murdering children during a Satanic ritual, but they claimed innocence and were released in 2011 after new DNA evidence came to light. Some advocates of the Three see them as victims of a modern-day witch hunt. Read more

The first public cremation performed in the United States was described as a “genuine pagan funeral” and included incense, candles and other trappings of occult pageantry. Read more

Of course we all know there are portions of the rites of Freemasonry that found their way into contemporary neo-pagan and Wiccan ritual (like the use of the words “So mote it be”). But aside from their penchant for holding rites in fancy indoor temples and wearing ominous robes and mystical jewelry (and then there are those neat metal car ornaments), we don’t tend to think of them as all that pagan. But there’s this late breaking story:  “Police break… Read more

Leave it to the Boston Herald…well, actually, it is a Boston Magazine piece that explains the characterization of a drunk driver by the Boston tabloid known for its sensationalist headlines. A drunk driver who drove a Boston Globe delivery truck off a highway (How many Boston newspapers can this story involve? Stay tuned!) was described as having raged at a state trooper when caught out in a welfare benefits scam. But it’s the “voodoo cursing” that may be of interest… Read more

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