Although it takes place in the days leading up to Beltane, the 1973 film THE WICKER MAN might as well take place at Lammas, which is a traditionally a pagan festival associated with sacrifice. So it’s deliciously appropriate that the news of a newly-discovered complete print of this cult cinema classic (and required viewing for all of the pagan persuasion) should be announced in time for this festival of first fruits. Read more

Despite jumping the gun on the rumored HBO production of Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS, I feel confident posting this: the Vertigo Comics website announces Gaiman’s groundbreaking story The Sandman will return in graphic novel form this autumn. Read more

Put your pants back on! The word on Twitter from Neil Gaiman himself is that the plan to produce six seasons of AMERICAN GODS on HBO is not in any way official. Sorry, folks. Sometimes you have to go right to the source. Read more

This new album is the pair’s 13th studio album. Like their previous work, the songs represent an array of styles and genres, while maintaining a unique signature sound that no other rock duo has achieved: a mix of hard rock, medieval and classical -infused art rock, grad-folk, and gypsy stylings. It’s safe to say Blackmore’s Night shows no sign of slowing down or losing their edge. Read more

Drop everything but your pants! The wonderful bestselling novel by uber-cool novelist Neil Gaiman is now officially in the pipeline for production on HBO, possibly debuting as early as 2013. Read more

It doesn’t matter if you call them gods, or myths, or fairy tales, or trees, or rivers, or porcupines, or the fey, or the Good Folk, or archetypes, or hallucinations. What does matter is that our human ability to imagine and manifest a better world is bound up in our willingness to engage with the wholeness of the human experience, and limited only by our own creativity and courage. Read more

A new documentary film chronicling the work of the Salem, MA coven the Temple of Nine Wells has a trailer on YouTube. The group was led by Gypsy Ravish and her late husband Richard, who also established the popular shop Nu Aeon and mail order business White Light Pentacles. Read more

The question, I suppose, is: Am I a “real” pagan if I do not worship the gods? Or am I just some sad dreamy neo-hippie who enjoys gardening and fantasy literature? Read more

I know, I know, it’a fluff. I don’t care, I loved this movie! An old family of Louisiana witches faces a battle with their town when the local Christians think the “new girl” is too witchy to be at school with their sweet little Jesus-worshiping Mean Girls. Read more

I want to see it again before I write a review, but my first response was that I loved the visuals and the vibe of the film very much. But I did think there were some weird holes in the plot and some poorly written dialogue. Still, it’s worth a look. Read more

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