When is the Southern Baptist Convention a cult?


Not much that comes out of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) shocks me anymore. As a resident of the south for 15 years, I witnessed the enforced hegemony of the Southern Baptists, and on a number of occasions was … [Read more...]

‘Good’ Demons Vs. ‘Bad’ Angels


We all know, after all, that demons are of course the fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer, right? Yet this aspect of Christian mythology is in fact a latecomer, and prior to about the late second century and early third, such an automatic assumption did not exist. [Read more...]

I lost my editor’s job–but marriage equality won


As the state moves forward on the issue of same-sex marriage, its residents should try to remember the long view of history, and bravely embrace today’s pride over tomorrow’s shame. [Read more...]

Evangelicals eagerly trade public prayer for their most “cherished” fundamental beliefs


There is perhaps no greater irony in Christendom just now than fundamentalist Christians’ new and oft-repeated assertions that prayer is merely cultural or ceremonial, that Christians must not proselytize, and that their own religion should never be pressed upon the unwilling masses. Oh, that doesn’t sound like the fundamentalist Christianity we have all so often [Read More...]

Fundy Christian college students who fear knowledge


Lying at the heart of the stereotype of the anti-Christian professor is fear that there might be good reasons to believe a different way. [Read more...]

Professor Strawman and the Right-Wing Fantasy Circus: a review of “God’s Not Dead”


God isn’t dead–but after seeing this movie he might wish he was. [Read more...]

Black Saturday: Satan, Hades, and the Beginnings of Hell


Christians are reinventing Hell today as much as they were two millennia ago. [Read more...]

Why I fast for Lent


Life can feel like a grind sometimes; taking some time to appreciate the predictable comfort of that grind helps make it all the more worthwhile. [Read more...]