Got Religion?

An engaging blend of statistical analysis and on-the-scene reporting about the rapidly shifting demographics of American religious involvement. [Read more...]

When is the Southern Baptist Convention a cult?

Not much that comes out of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) shocks me anymore. As a resident of the south for 15 years, I witnessed the enforced hegemony of the Southern Baptists, and on a number of occasions was … [Read more...]

Keeping Jesus, Letting Go of Christian Exceptionalism

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The degree to which Christianity will contribute to a more equitable and just world will depend largely upon the degree to which Christians can let go of their exclusive claims on God and deepen their actual commitment to the way of Jesus. [Read more...]

‘Good’ Demons Vs. ‘Bad’ Angels

We all know, after all, that demons are of course the fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer, right? Yet this aspect of Christian mythology is in fact a latecomer, and prior to about the late second century and early third, such an automatic assumption did not exist. [Read more...]

God with me still. (For my teachers.)


A poem about being there and moving here. [Read more...]

What would Jesus make of Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler’s argument for the death penalty?

In a piece recently published on CNN’s Belief Blog, Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world) argues that Christians should support capital punishment. He mitigates that view with these three qualifications: * There should be [Read More...]

Three questions about the Bible Jesus might ask


Christians would do well to humbly acknowledge that our sacred texts are also limited and fallible. Jesus did. [Read more...]

The Cross and Gendercide


Elizabeth Gerhardt’s new book “The Cross and Gendercide” offers a Christian response to the heart-wrenching plight of women across the globe by engaging with the cultural, religious, historical and political context of this violence and offering a proposal for how the church can work toward ending these heinous crimes. [Read more...]