We Agree: We Can’t Agree to Disagree on Anti-Gay Bigotry

When bigotry uses the tools of my trade — in this case Greek philology — I feel duty-bound to set the record straight. Read more

Your Permission Is Not Required

I’m finished asking permission and I won’t beg for forgiveness. I don’t need your authorization to be who God created me to be. Read more

Nones, Dones and Religionless Christianity, Part 3

Secularism isn’t a looming evil that must be resisted, but is a lived statement of disenchantment that is experienced by even the most ardently religious. Read more

I Once Thought I Was a Progressive Christian, But…

I once thought that perhaps I was a progressive Christian, but I’ve come to realize that that label includes me with a lot of people with whom I clearly disagree. Read more

Nones, Dones and Religionless Christianity, Part 2

For Dietrich Bonhoeffer, religious language is often a mask or a shield that protects us from saying what we actually mean. It allows us to hide ignorance behind certitude. Read more

Nones, Dones and Religionless Christianity, Part 1

There’s a better way to think about the future of religion. It’s found in Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Letters and Papers from Prison. Read more

Finding Faith Again

My faith journey has changed dramatically. Read more

Is It Time We Stopped Describing God as Good?

The way we talk about things matters. The words we use affect how we view the world and how others view us. The trouble is that human language is limited and trying to use a finite language to describe the infinite is never going to be easy. Read more

Universalism vs. Power

What better to cement the Church’s power and authority than the enshrinement and propagation of the doctrine of limited atonement, together with the assurance that the Church holds the keys to eternal salvation? Read more

A Blessing for Holy Week Journeys

As I celebrated Palm Sunday with my congregation this year, I wondered: what way do they make, these palms that dance and wave to the sounds of our laughter, joy, and singing? Read more

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