The “Alternative Facts” of Fundamentalist Religion

I see a clear parallel between fundamentalist religion and Kellyanne Conway’s defense of an obvious falsehood about the crowd size at the presidential inauguration. [Read more…]

I Was Wrong About Homosexuality

I lived out the greater portion of my life operating under the premise that it was a sin to be gay, but I was wrong. [Read more…]

Confessions of a Doubting Christian

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Not Anomalies: Reclaiming the Biblical Heroines

Growing up with a single mother, I learned that being a woman and being strong go hand in hand. [Read more…]

Native Americans, the Mainline Church, and the Quest for Interracial Justice

David Phillips Hansen’s new book, Native Americans, the Mainline Church, and the Quest for Interracial Justice, is a sobering and important exploration of the historical, theological, and social relationships between the church and native peoples. [Read more…]

No, the Bible Isn’t God’s Personal Letter to You

The message above recently appeared on the sign outside of a church in my neighborhood. [Read more…]

Power Play: What You Can Do Inauguration Day

January 20th, the world will lean in and they will watch. How will the United States handle power as it moves and it shifts? How will we, as citizens, respond to this symbolic day? [Read more…]

Plant Gardens and Eat What They Produce

A friend asked for advice as a Christian for not letting Donald Trump’s evangelical support color our views. Here it is. [Read more…]