A Better Way To Evangelize

The invitation of the gospel is not: Realize you are a wretched sinner who deserves to die. The invitation of the gospel is: Realize you are a beloved child of God called to reflect God’s image. [Read more…]

When I found myself on the side of Religious Freedom Law supporters

And then, one Thursday morning when I read about yet another “Religious Freedom Law,” I saw myself. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to the Girl Who Failed

You’re the girl with the teacher who said you would never amount to anything. [Read more…]

11 Bible Verses That Turn Christians Into Atheists

When I asked her why she became an atheist, she said, “I started reading the Bible.” [Read more…]

Why biblical inerrancy simply makes no sense

The reason biblical inerrancy simply makes no sense is this: It’s simply not true to human and universal reality. [Read more…]

The Holy Spirit is not a Male, Conservative Evangelical

I happened to stumble upon the website of my former conservative evangelical church, and I even listened to the senior pastor’s most recent sermon about the Holy Spirit. [Read more…]

Not Homeless Enough

Last month an article popped up on my newsfeed declaring that homelessness is on the decline! Waking up to my coffee in my warm suburban home, I felt the waves of relief washing over me. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to Christian Business Owners

I don’t usually do open letters (it’s against my policy), but today I feel compelled to make an exception. I’m writing to you because I’m genuinely concerned and confused about your objections to serving LGBT folks. [Read more…]