Indeed Very Many: Universalism in the Early Church

While the doctrine of universal reconciliation has indeed been a minority position throughout most of Christian history, all one has to do is turn to Augustine, a clear non-Universalist, to see how it was once upon a time a rather popular doctrine. [Read more…]

An Open Letter from the Syrian Border

Self-proclaimed Christian nation, I wish the lives of others mattered to you as much as Starbucks coffee cups. I know the guy you call savior instructed you to love others as yourselves, but that seems to have become more of a catchy phrase than an actual command to live by. [Read more…]

One God

Several years ago, after going through a very troubling church experience, I went through a time of intense examination of what I actually believed. I had come to a place where I needed to figure out if my faith was real or if it was just an institutional construct. [Read more…]

Jesus, the Cathedral and Me

Sometimes when I think about Jesus he seems so far away–someone in a distant time and place, more spiritual than physical, more transcendent than incarnate. [Read more…]

“I Just Go by What the Bible Says” and Other Ridiculous Things Pastors Say

If spent any time in a fundamentalist or evangelical church, you’ve probably heard some variation of the following from the pastor or leaders: I don’t preach my opinions, I just preach God’s word; or, I just want to know what the Bible says; or, I just believe what the Bible says; or my favorite, The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it. [Read more…]


We are dust; to dust we shall return. In between? God calls us to carry in our bones the light of Gospel justice and hope. [Read more…]

This Is Red Letter Love

What exactly is red letter Love? I mean, we all know the great command to Love your neighbor–pretty straight-forward, right? Be kind and Love our neighbor as ourselves. [Read more…]

Is This a Person?

A bill currently in the Montana legislature seeks to amended the state constitution to define a person as all members of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development, including the stage of fertilization or conception, regardless of age, health, level of functioning, or condition of dependency. [Read more…]