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Ha! What a clever title for this post! Because, see, it’s about my temporarily shutting down comments on this blog. See? That right there is why I haul in the big blogging bucks. That’s right: last month I could afford two pizzas—one with extra cheese! So, you know. Anyway, right. So I’ve shut down comments to this blog, [Read More...]

Does “The Moral Arc” bend towards truth and justice?


Michael Shermer is an optimist who argues that religion’s tribalistic and xenophobic roots establish it as inherently opposed to true moral progress. [Read more...]

Must “American Sniper” Chris Kyle be seen as immoral?


Criticizing a soldier for seeming emotionally detached from his work from the vantage point of the typical safe American life isn’t fair. [Read more...]

Eliminating evangelical double-speak about salvation


What if salvation was experienced as a process of growth in love, rather than as a reward for believing a particular doctrine about Jesus? [Read more...]

“American Sniper” misses the mark


“American Sniper” is a lie that does a disservice to the truth and to those who died defending the truth. [Read more...]

Giveaway: N.T. Wright’s “Simply Good News”

The book I'm giving away (cat not included).

Enter to win a copy of N.T. Wright’s newest book “Simply Good News.” [Read more...]

One question fundamentalists cannot answer


Why would God care more about what we believe about God, than how we live for God? [Read more...]

Did Jesus speak more about Hell than about Heaven?


To re-prioritize Jesus’ entire message around eternal conscious torment in hell is either alarmingly ignorant or intentionally manipulative. [Read more...]