The Love that Will Not Let You Go

The Love that Will Not Let You Go: Being Christian is Not What You Think is a crystalline distillation of Douglas Heidt’s thoughts about Christianity after nearly 50 years in pastoral ministry. [Read more…]

The Dangers of Russian Dolls: Finding the T in LGBT

For reasons of safety and common bond we spend our lives as part of communities that resemble matryoshka dolls, the wooden Russian toys that nest inside one another, each doll hiding a smaller one. [Read more…]

Let’s admit it: When it comes to money, Jesus was a radical and we’re not.   

I am a would-be disciple of Jesus. I say would-be because there are some aspects of Jesus’ life and teachings that are beyond me, that I don’t even pretend to aim toward. Consider Jesus’ teachings on money and possessions in Luke’s Gospel. [Read more…]

Confessions of a Party Girl

As I stood at the entrance to our favorite night club, I looked across the road at man standing on a wooden box yelling at the crowds of party-goers walking by … [Read more…]

From Ignorance to Acceptance: When You Realize You Had It All Wrong

Can a person become an Unfundamentalist from a Fundamentalist world?  Of course! But I didn’t get here overnight, and it still surprises me that I am here at all. [Read more…]

What the Old Testament Has to Say about This Election

Is Trump our modern day Saul? [Read more…]

The Sermon of the Trump: Evangelical Catechesis

When the Donald saw the crowds, he went up the podium; and after he sat down, his supporters came to him. Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying: [Read more…]

A Close Encounter of the Ark Kind

When I first heard about the Ark Encounter, I didn’t picture brave Noah building a safe haven for his family and the chosen animals of God. Instead of envisioning cute animals in an ark-like a petting zoo, I thought of desperate women beating down the doors of the ark, begging them to open and save their children’s lives. [Read more…]