Your Feelings and Experiences Matter, Young Christian

I recently witnessed a Twitter argument about gender inequality in the church. A proud Calvinist fellow informed a young woman she needed to “repent” of the “sin” of putting personal experiences above scripture, because she believed strongly that women shouldn’t be denied opportunities to minister and lead. He was rude and condescending, yet I know many Christians who would agree with his reasoning (if not his attitude). [Read more…]

What does it mean to confess that Jesus is Lord?

To say that Jesus is Lord is to echo one the earliest and most basic Christian confessions. Lordship language came right out of the Roman culture: Caesar claimed for himself the titles “son of God” and “Lord.” To claim the Lordship of Jesus flew in the face of the powerful Roman Empire. [Read more…]

Is The Bible Lying?

Though the original comment is ostensibly a response to the (blasphemous!) idea that the Bible does not actually condemn homosexuality, and though it lacks a developed argument, it’s a fine example of the sort of mindset that drives many conservative Christians, especially regarding contentious moral issues. [Read more…]

How the Miracles of the Bible Obscure the Miracle of Jesus

Both testaments of the Christian Bible are rife with miracles. Seas are parted, rain is called for, the sick are healed, food falls from the sky, the dead are raised, and a woman conceives a child by the Holy Spirit. Miracles are so fundamental to the traditional Christmas story that it’s hard to imagine a faith that does not take them for granted in some form. [Read more…]

Twelfth Night: Reflections on Epiphany 2016

Twelfth Night is upon us, the eve of Epiphany when we remember how magi from Persia followed to Jesus’ birthing place an unusual God-flung orb of light that appeared in the heavens. The word “epiphany” means “manifestation” or “a striking appearance.” [Read more…]

What’s splitting your church? Worship music or genocide?

A tale of two churches. [Read more…]

Mary and Joseph discussing amongst themselves

(Hello, friends. I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas [and/or the happiest of holiday seasons]. Below is something I wrote a few years back, which, every year, I’m happy to learn of at least one church somewhere performing as part of their Christmas celebration. I share it here [Read More…]

Top 10 Unfundamentalist Christians Posts of 2015

A run-down of our most popular blog posts from 2015. [Read more…]