Divination Space Station RoundUp

Tarot by Slipp D. Thompson. Licensed under CC 2.0
Tarot by Slipp D. Thompson. Licensed under CC 2.0

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Voodoo Universe and it’s been a year of ups, downs, and inside outs. It only makes sense to talk about our ongoing series Divination Space Station, where we profile the top psychic readers from around the globe. I am proud and humbled at the amazing information that has unfolded in this series, if you missed any of it please take some time to check it out now. One of the things that amazes me about divination is that there is always something more to learn. The following information is invaluable for newbie and veteran readers alike, please consume, share and enjoy !


Dorothy Morrison reminds us that “readings only tell you what’s likely to occur if you continue your current path – and you can change that path at any point. So, nothing’s cut and dried, or carved in stone. Regardless of the question, the outcome is still your call.”

Oseaana December  says “Don’t be influenced by what others say is the right method or the better divination system. Be open to finding what works for you and then build upon that.”


Tehron Gillis, slam poet and writer.
Tehron Gillis, slam poet and writer.

Tehron Gillis  gives the advice to “sleep with your oracle(for at least three nights) and individual cards or runes or whatever, record your dreams, meditate with them. Become familiar with them and most importantly have fun!”

Orion Foxwood  makes the point “always cleanse the tools and space before and after each reading and be sure to bless them through the spirit of some higher power (angelic, deific, ancestral, faery, orisa, loa or other.)”

Taylor Ellwood  tells us “Throw away the little booklets that come with whatever divinatory tool you are using and get to know the tool. Work with it. Do meditations with each of the cards, runes, etc and get to know them through experience.”

Vinnie Russo  says “when learning a new system, it is incredibly valuable to keep a record of your progress. Review your hits as well as your misses. Both can be helpful in building your confidence in how a system traditionally works and how you can work with the system.”

Bernadette Montana tells us she ” sometimes thinks of the tarot as a doorway. Once that doorway has opened all sorts of information comes in ! ”


Raven Moon's Oracle, wonderful wares !
Raven Moon’s Oracle, wonderful wares !

Raven Moon’s Oracle  states “Knowledge is power. Read, practice, read, practice. And after that read and practice some more. ”

Awo Robert Ogbe Di  informs us that “Even the most naturally skilled person is only able to divine reliably if they have been practicing and using their tools for long enough to learn them.”

Lilith Dorsey  explains “I consult the tarot, cocos, divining rods, astrological influences almost daily. I feel that’s it’s similar to checking the weather, although I realize this may sound reductionist. I am not diminishing the power of divination, I am just making an analogy about taking one’s spiritual umbrella when needed.”


Check out the full text of these articles if you can, there is a wealth of information here. I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions, comments and for taking time to see what we have to say here on Voodoo Universe so I am offering half- price psychic readings with me, Lilith Dorsey, during the month of September in honor of our Blogiversary!!! To book an appointment email voodoouniverse@yahoo.com and be sure to mention this post !


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