May 4, 2016

Music can effect one’s mind, body, and soul. The jarring notes literally transport you to another zone. Read more

May 1, 2016

Chinese culture sees the blooms as representative of feminine power and sexuality. While in American folklore, Cherry blossoms are said to bring intelligence, happiness, honesty, vitality, and love. Read more

April 29, 2016

Another name for this herb is Witch’s Umbrella, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of uses that fall under this umbrella. It is ruled by the planet Saturn, and hence associated with magick, rejuvenation, healing, and karma. Read more

April 26, 2016

These days almost everyone knows about the lovely Beyonce, unfortunately the same can’t be said of the lovely Orisha Oshun. Read more

April 21, 2016

There will never be another like him, he taught us about butterscotch clouds, sex in taxi cabs, and 1999. Read more

April 17, 2016

On first glance, a bowl of Yaka Mein looks as bizarre as the city of New Orleans itself. A mix of noodles, broth, meat, and topped with a hard boiled egg gets one’s mind and taste buds wandering. Read more

April 14, 2016

White clothing is not limited to the Haitian Vodou Religion, Umbanda, or Lucumi (Santeria,) many different religions from Druids to Christians understand and appreciate the ritual nature of white dress. Read more

April 12, 2016

Join my fellow Patheos Pagan blogger, Sable Aradia and myself, Lilith Dorsey, as we discuss the ups and downs of initiation in this video, episode 3 of Witchcraft and Voodoo. Read more

April 4, 2016

Many practicing Witches focus on the Moon’s connection to water and the realm of the emotions, but there is also a sacred fire here to this energy that should not be forgotten. Read more

March 29, 2016

Join myself, Lilith Dorsey and fellow Patheos Pagan blogger Sable Aradia as we discuss how our respective traditions navigate this issue. We had another wonderful discussion this week talking about some of the hard topics, like cultural appropriation and creation. Read more

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