With all this going on I thought it would be fun to throwback …hey, and it’s actually Thursday… to the posts of Xmas past. These are some of the posts I’ve really enjoyed over the past few years, I hope you will too. Have a blessed Holiday everyone and Thanks for reading! Read more

We make meaning and magick where we find it. Our faith can call to us from music, movie or imagination. Read more

Babalu Aye has a feast day which is linked to San Lazaro, December 17th. The connection between these two powerful healers is obvious. December 17th is marked with great processionals, prayers and promises around the globe. Read more

Elected by a unanimous vote on Thursday, the new Ati will be Alcenat Zamor. The induction ceremony for Zamor will take place on March 7, 2016 in Place des Gonaives. Read more

If you are like me, there is always someone you don’t like very much on your holiday gift list. Maybe it’s an in-law, a random secret Santa person, or your boss, but the holidays have become about giving gifts sometimes, even if we don’t want to do it. Read more

Fried chicken is an African-American cliche, a tasty, delicious cliche. This particular recipe is one that will delight with a spicy Caribbean feel, combining coconut and zesty spices. Read more

Voodoo flags are used to honor, protect, and bless. Watch this short film I made about the flags we use in our house ! Read more

Inspired by these events I decided to make my own Krampus craft.Many folks online have made Krampus ornaments and dolls, several are downright creepy. I looked for baby doll heads at the craft store, but they were all out. So feeling a little horny, and in keeping with the theme, I choose to make some Krampus horns. Read more

Chango/Shango/Sango/Xango is loved and honored throughout the world. The chants, songs, dances and stories to honor him are plentiful.Here is a selection of some of the best. Praise to the King ! Read more

Every tarot reading is different. It’s like a mini-relationship between you, the tarot reader, and the cards. Find out the questions you should ask before getting a tarot reading. Read more

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