July 25- Feast of Ogou St. Jacques

In the Haitian tradition of Vodou, the religion is supported by Lwa Ogou. Holding up the shoulders and the souls of devotees like  Toussaint Louverture, the strong protective warrior energy of Ogou led the Haitian people to independence over 200 years ago. Not surprisingly Ogou is still revered today. There are many different paths of Ogou, and while they are all strong and powerful, like most things in the religion of Vodou they are not seen as good or bad,... Read more

Beyond the Beyond: Pagan Festival Season 2015

The camp fires are burning, nature is calling, and if you are like me you are already knee deep in camping gear`and festival finery and you can’t really imagine it any other way. One of the most exciting things about being a Pagan these days is that we get to attend Pagan events and festivals. This year is full of interesting gatherings to take part in, and I hope even the most solitary of Pagans will take advantage of these festivities.... Read more

St. John’s Eve – The Darker Side of Solstice

St. John’s Eve is thought of by many as the most important holiday in the New Orleans Voodoo calendar. Many think of Voodoo as a religion focused on negativity and darkness, in reality however many of the practices involve blessings of joy and universal connection.  St. John’s eve is a celebration of light and fire and takes place on June 23rd around the days that are celebrated as the solstice. In actuality this is the longest day and therefore the... Read more

Dear Etsy … A Psychic’s Prediction

If you are an Etsy seller like me you may have opened your email this week to find out you have been “clarified,” as they are calling it. If you sell psychic readings, goods, or services you may have been affected. My etsy store is called DeStressed Dreams and sells my strange handcrafted shirts, my cookbook, and my psychc readings. My official notification reads as follows – “We recently clarified our policies on spell-related items and removed the categories of... Read more

Juneteenth Recipe Roundup – Eating with the Ancestors

“The negro is a born cook. He could neither read nor write, and therefore could not learn from books. He was simply inspired; the god of the spit and the saucepan had breathed into him; that was enough.” Louisiana native Charles Gayarre, Harper’s Magazine 1880   There are lots of different ancestor recipes that get made for Juneteenth. For those unfamiliar with the holiday it is a Texas tradition. People celebrate with barbecues, parties, and parades. At it’s core it... Read more

St. Anthony and Eleggua … At A Crossroads

In the tradition of Santeria (more correctly known as La Regla Lucumi) the most honored, and some even say most important Orisha is Eleggua. Many associate Eleggua with St. Anthony who feast day is June 13th. Eleggua, also spelled Elegua, is the ashe of the crossroads. The sacred energy that occurs where two or more paths meet. Eleggua is kind and confusing, strong and shy, the owner of fates, justice, and the keeper of keys. It is through him which... Read more

Light Up The Black: New Season of #OITNB

As a Santeria practitioner and TV scholar I truly appreciate the inclusion of the La Regla Lucumi’s religion (aka Santeria,) on the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. The show’s third season begins on June 12th and has already been renewed for a fourth so there is much more to come. The show’s creator Jenji Kohan, who was the remarkable genius behind Weeds, said this season will focus on “faith and motherhood.” (Last year I wrote about the 1st... Read more

Voodoo Review: Eve’s Bayou

Eve’s Bayou is by no means a new film, but it is definitely one that is worthy of discussion when it comes to Voodoo and Hoodoo. The history of Voodoo on film is tainted with the likes of White Zombie (1932) and Cabin in the Sky (1943,) so when Kasi Lemmon’s Eve’s Bayou was released in 1997, many knew it’s time was long overdue. It is one of a small handful of feature films to be directed by  black women,... Read more

Why Magick Is Medicine

Magick has rules. Everything has rules. Life has rules. Death has rules. Magick most certainly has rules. In my spiritual practice I do a lot of psychic readings and consultations for people. People come to me for help finding love, money, joy, connection, peace and lots more. One of my clients asked me recently if her relationship would be successful… the short answer was yes, if she took her spiritual medicine. By that I mean her reading had given her... Read more

The Search for Samo: Voodoo Universe’s Pilgrimage to Basquiat

  On numerous occasions I have set out to find the grave of Jean Michel Basquiat. There are many famous dead buried here in my hometown of Brooklyn, but none I admire as much as Basquiat. Many say his work references Haitian Vodou, but there is no evidence Basquiat truly embraced these connections. He did however do things differently, there is tell that towards the end of his life he traveled to New Orleans for the world famous Jazzfest, and... Read more