Sept. 24th Is The Feast of Obatala

September 24th is the feast of Obatala, the La Regla Lucumi (Santeria) Orisha of the white cloth. Obatala represents purity, peace, calm and coolness. Read more

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux- Don’t Bow Down

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux is a powerful presence with a luminous spirit. I was honored and pleased to meet him on my trip to New Orleans last month. Read more

5 Voodoo Stereotypes That Won’t Die – Help Me Kill Them!

Please do your best to learn the real truth. Many of these arguments remind me of the racist drivel that first occurred surrounding Jazz and then Rock and Roll music. Read more

Legendary Vodou Priest Max Beauvoir Dead At 79

Eloquent, articulate, knowledgeable and committed to his religion, this legend passed away Saturday September 12 at his home in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti after an extended illness. Read more

It’s My 2 Year Blogiversary And I’ll Rant If I Want Too !

As for complaints however, lets start will the almighty powers that be…. I know some of you reading this Voodoo blog think I am speaking about Lwa or Orisha, those are indeed almighty powers, but no, I am instead speaking about social media networks. Read more

How To Create A Yemaya Shrine

The Orisha Yemaya is saluted on September 7th. She is associated with motherhood and divine protection. In my experience many are able to connect with her through her maternal ashe, or divine energy. Read more

Oshun – Orisha of Love Recipes

Sweet, sensual, powerful, and divine Oshun is the Orisha, or goddess, of love and beauty. In the religion of La Regla Lucumi, also referred to as Santeria, her feast day is celebrated on September 8th. Read more

Vesta Powder : Lite It Up !

Born in the hands and hearts of Virgins, Vesta powder has been handed down through the ages as powerful protection magick. Read more

Orisha Artist Spotlight on Patricia Grannum

.I started doing these pieces because I knew so little about the Orisha spiritual practice, even though I live in Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean nation where the religion has a relatively strong presence. It’s one of the few remnants of African spiritual practice that remains in Trinidad . Read more

Racism And Recognition In The Pagan Communty

Racism appears to be an ugly inbred beast that will not go to sleep. Discrimination can come in many forms. Part of the problem is that the real conversations about race and recognition have only just begun. I have been involved in a number of discussions recently surrounding the publication of Bringing Race to the Table, to which I contributed a piece of writing. I realized that the younger generation had been absent from some of these talks, so I… Read more

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