Dear Etsy, Tarot Is Back … Back Again!

It was wise of Etsy to revise their decision, many people offer readings thru the site, and they will continue to do so elsewhere if Etsy isn’t friendly. Read more

Plum Pork Roast Recipe For The Ancestors

The following is a harvest recipe, suitable for the fall, when we celebrate the fruits of our labor and the coming of the darkness. Plums are known to bring protection from the ancestors and also the answering of prayers. Read more

Ancestor Poem Number 11

So while the veil in thin, And the past is in your ears,…. Read more

Make Your Own Flying Dead For Samhain

I wasn’t sure what to call them, dead fairies, skeleton fairies, some people in my facebook group suggested Skelefae, Fairy of the bones, Carcass Fairy, or Bone nymphs. Whatever you call them, they are one of the easiest and coolest Samhain crafts around. Read more

Easy Psychic Methods For Finding Unknown Ancestors

What happens, however, if you are adopted or otherwise unsure of your ancestral lineage ? What should you do then ? Read more

Pope Francis Visits Cuba… And Oshun?

Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba made him the third pope in a row to visit the island. One major difference is this time he went to see the patron of the place, Nuestra Senora Caridad del Cobre. Read more

Spicy Sweet Potato Salad Recipe For The Ancestors

You can make your ancestor’s favorite dishes, or you can choose an old stand-by with a new twist, like this exciting recipe. Read more

ForeMama Said: Wit and Wisdom of Katherine Dunham

She is one of the great foremothers that comes to mind as the days grow shorter and the ancestors come closer. Read more

Is It Ok To Practice Voodoo Alone?

Just as in life where you are unable to give birth to yourself, these religions believe you are unable to give birth to your spiritual self. Read more

Top Ten Funniest Times I Was Proud To Be Pagan !

Most of these happened at large events, concerts, and performances, if I have left some names out it was to protect the guilty…. Read more

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