This February 28th we will be holding a Maman Brigitte Feast and Voodoo workshop for all who are interested. Maman Brigitte is the Queen of the dead, she holds her secrets and her knowledge for all who are strong enough to seek them. Read more

Humanity, and the lives of many of you reading this, have benefited from the monumental contributions of a man named Graman Quassi, also known as Graman Kwesi or Quacy. Read more

In a centuries old tradition the Northside Skull and Bones Gang walk the streets on Mardi Gras morning- singing, dancing, and saluting those who have gone before. Read more

I stand beside her and the rest of my sisters as an unapologetically black Voodoo woman who fights, hopes, and prays for a better tomorrow. Read more

Please I beg all of my readers here to share this and donate. I myself will be there this weekend hopefully helping in whatever way I can. I will keep you posted on the progress. Read more

Fans of the Star Wars series of films are very familiar with the “force.” It is everywhere, it is everything. It can be used for good, it can be used for ill. If we cultivate it, we can do anything. Read more

This famous formula is made by Crusellas and Company, a Cuban company that traces it’s origins back to 1863. Some websites say this product is a good cologne for men that will bring “immediate freshness,” but that isn’t it’s only purpose. Read more

I don’t know about your ancestors, but mine love whiskey in all it’s glorious forms- Scotch, Bourbon and the like. The religion of New Orleans Voodoo often uses alcohol as an offering for the divine spirits of the ancestors. Read more

Is it ok to kill someone because of their religious practices, specifically the Voodoo religion ? Is it ok to kill them because of their sexual orientation, or style of dress ? I’d like to think not, but I would be unrealistic. Read more

In a time before time there were two serpents- a male and a female. They were lovers, intertwined souls, who danced their magick on the continent of Africa. Read more

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