How To Create A Yemaya Shrine

In the Santeria religion, more properly known as La Regla Lucumi, the Orisha Yemaya is saluted on September 7th. She is associated with motherhood and divine protection. In my experience many are able to connect with her through her maternal ashe, or divine energy. In my post “Oh My Yemaya,” I talk about how “She is a divine woman of many names: Yemaya, Iemanja, and Yemonja. Her traditional feast day in La Regla Lucumi (Santeria) is celebrated on September 7th.... Read more

Oshun – Orisha of Love Recipes

Sweet, sensual, powerful, and divine Oshun is the Orisha, or goddess, of love and beauty. In the religion of La Regla Lucumi, also referred to as Santeria, her feast day is celebrated on September 8th. This time of year many spiritual houses, my own included, turn their attention towards this lady of love and the preparations to be made in her honor.   One of the traditional stories for Oshun tells of her attempted poisoning with honey. This is just... Read more

Vesta Powder : Lite It Up !

Born in the hands and hearts of Virgins, Vesta powder has been handed down through the ages as powerful protection magick. Protection is a vital piece of any magickal working. In my spiritual house we perform protective cleansings, blessings, and spells regularly throughout the year. Protection spells in order to be most effective have to be varied, kind of like roach poison. Just like roaches, the spiritual buggers of the Universe will build up an immunity to the defenses thrown... Read more

Orisha Artist Spotlight on Patricia Grannum

Every once and awhile I come across someone whose art truly captures the beauty and spirit of the Orisha. This is definitely the case with the phenomenal work of Patricia Grannum. Grace and majesty manifest from her brushstrokes, and I was excited to ask her more about these masterpieces and share the resposes here with you. Lilith Dorsey: I am so moved and impressed by your Orisha art, what was the inspiration behind your Oshun and Yemaya pieces? Patricia Grannum:... Read more

Racism And Recognition In The Pagan Communty

Racism appears to be an ugly inbred beast that will not go to sleep. Discrimination can come in many forms. Part of the problem is that the real conversations about race and recognition have only just begun. I have been involved in a number of discussions recently surrounding the publication of Bringing Race to the Table, to which I contributed a piece of writing. I realized that the younger generation had been absent from some of these talks, so I... Read more

Rue This Day : 9 Magickal Uses for Rue

Rue is a valuable plant that every magickal person should have in their botanical arsenal. It botanical name is Ruta graveolens and it is native to Southern Europe. Traditionally it has been used for centuries for warding off danger, and also creating an atmosphere of protection. Rue is regarded as an herb of bitterness, but also said to be an herb of grace. A Modern Herbal by Mrs. Grieve tells us that Rue “ was much used by the Ancients;... Read more

Religious Discrimination: Here We Go Again !

It is with a heavy heart and a scratchy head that I write this post today. Many of you know in a few weeks I will be lecturing at an event called Hexfest. Designed as an exciting weekend of witchery in New Orleans the event will feature workshops, drumming and more. Originally the event was scheduled to have a Voodoo ritual on the Steamboat Natchez which as of yesterday became cancelled by the owners of the boat. Most likely this... Read more

Spiritual Lessons From Sci-Fi : Lucy

  A recent viewing of the film Lucy has left my mind feeling expanded. At the core of the film is the age old question- What are we capable of? This query is at the foundation of all magick and all self exploration. This film was released in 2014 and if you missed it when it came out, it is well worth seeing. It is directed by Luc Besson, the man responsible for such classics as The Fifth Element and... Read more

Bright Blessings Corn Chowder Recipe

“This corn will teach to you, should you peel away the husk, and be willing to open your ears.”- Anthony Liccione It is the time of year where it doesn’t matter if you never lifted a hoe, or tilled a field, the bounty of harvest is all around. Traditionally celebrated as Lammas or “Loaf-mass,” the days surrounding August 1st were an early holiday to celebrate the earth and it’s gifts. Dancing, singing, and merriment were the order of the days.... Read more

Divination Space Station: Deborah Lipp

Many, many years ago in a galaxy not too far away, (the lower East Side actually- which can seem like another galaxy) two women put their toddlers down in a pile of fuzzy toys at a Pagan event, and began to talk. They talked about things that most people kept silent about then… about magick, mystery, and mastery. I am proud to say these talks continue today … over two decades later. For those who know Deborah Lipp and myself,... Read more