Spiritual Warfare Spell

Many Hoodoo spells use the reciting of Psalms and other biblical passages to bring about necessary change. However, as my Voodoo priest likes to say Jesus is a busy man. Read more

The U.S. Loves Black People …. No They Love Steretoype!

Maybe people can only tolerate Voodoo, Hoodoo and other African associated traditions if they are in a white package. So where does that leave the practitioners of color like myself? Read more

Video: Maman Brigitte Ancestor Bag For Protection

The truth about Maman Brigitte, like that about the Voodoo religion itself, is that a mix of both is most likely. Nothing is black and white, certainly not Voodoo. Read more

Voodoo Review: Daughters Of The Dust

This is a beautiful film that deeply moves your spirit and your soul. Daughters of the Dust is a creatively woven cinematic journey that the likes of which have not been duplicated. Read more

6 Tips For Dealing With Unwanted Ancestors

But as the saying goes “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” Try to surround yourself with positive energy and the results will be blessed. Read more

Poem : Ancestor Parade Route

Some daze it’s chasing shadows, Or a hairy eyeball from a shady eye. Read more

Spiritual Lessons From Sci-Fi: We Love You Ronald D. Moore

I think that the delightful commonality to all of these shows is their strong female characters. They are sensual, sensible and in charge. Read more

Video: Crafting Herbal Gris Gris Bags for Focus, Energy, and Concentration

Gris Gris Bags are herbal medicine bags commonly found in the religion of New Orleans Voodoo and also among some Hoodoo practices. Read more

Trance and Trauma

It was as if they were kissed by the goddess or fingered by the devil, depending on your outlook. Read more

Dear Etsy, Tarot Is Back … Back Again!

It was wise of Etsy to revise their decision, many people offer readings thru the site, and they will continue to do so elsewhere if Etsy isn’t friendly. Read more

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