Interview With Voudon Gnosis Author David Beth – Part I

David spent more than 20 years researching and studying within Afro-centric cults and spiritual systems but also received advanced initiation and empowerments in European initiatic currents. He is the author of Voudon Gnosis. [Read more…]

How To Improve Your Tarot Reading With Crystals

Tarot Reading is a complex skill. Luckily it is one that can be improved with time, practice, and a variety of magickal aids that will increase your psychic ability. [Read more…]

Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 8 Money Talks …

Join myself, Lilith Dorsey, and my talented co-presenter Sable Aradia, for the latest episode of Witchcraft & Voodoo. This time we talk about money, a difficult subject on which we have no easy answers. In many Afro-Caribbean traditions initiations, and higher levels of study in the religions require payment. This is difficult for many outside [Read More…]

Book Review: Defiant Itineraries

Defiant Itineraries is an in-depth look at the practices and scholarship of Katherine Dunham and Maya Deren specifically as they relate to American film. [Read more…]

Vodou And The Nation Of Islam

… in today’s life, it appears as if there is no respect for human beings and no respect for the environment. What is happening is that we are being destroyed because this here (while he turns to face his procession) is what voodoo is. Voodoo is love. Voodoo is respect. [Read more…]

Herbal Magick: Rosemary

Astrologically Rosemary is associated with the radiant Sun, and the sign of Leo. From a magickal standpoint Rosemary is said to bring protection, healing, purification, strength, clarity, and love. [Read more…]

Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 7 Divination

We talk Tarot, Geomancy, Numerology, Pendulums, Coffee and Tea leaf reading, trance possession, mediumship, and more. [Read more…]

Voodoo Blessings On St. John’s Eve

The real New Orleans Voodoo holiday is St. John’s Eve. Revered and celebrated by the great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau herself, it has long held some serious magick [Read more…]

Festival Fancy 2016 : Goin’ Down The Road….

So dye your hair, fluff up your tutu, patch up your tent, and get ready to rock. Festivals are a chance to get with kindred spirits, both old and new. [Read more…]

Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 6 Deities, Orisha, Loa 2

Get ready for another fabuous episode of Witchcraft & Voodoo. This time around my co-presenter Sable Aradia and I discuss the further intricacies of Deities, Orisha, and Loa in our respective traditions. [Read more…]