These are two of the most powerful cards in the deck, and they can symbolize feminine and masculine, or Mother and Father. In many ways they represent a polarity, but also a duality which we will explore here. Read more

As the show unfolds we learn of Shannon’s traumatic brain injury and how during her time of need when she was most alone and afraid a cat skull appeared. Read more

There are simple ways to use crystals and sacred geometry to create a spell to bring love to you, and give your bed a romantic charge. Read more

I’m off to go work on my Zoe from Firefly cosplay creation, it’s about time some brown people put on some brown coats and became their own “Big Damn Heroes.” Read more

The colorful characters in Jessica B. Harris’ truthful tale are writ large and literary. Read more

Chrysocolla is a stone of hope and harmony, communication and connection. To be honest this is one of my favorite crystals. Read more

I think some love witches are in it for the mead or the clothes, but there are a few out there who really care like myself. Read more

Despite what you may read in the misinformation on the internet, there is a complex system of determining one’s ruling Orisha if you are involved in the religion. Read more

By cooking and eating these foods you can gain insight into their true meaning for you and your situation. Read more

This stone is said to bring deep calm, creativity, peace, and transcendence. In particular the dark blue variations of this crystal can help with loosing weight, and improving metabolism and circulation. Read more

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