Mardi Gras Magick : Creating Change at Carnival Time

Mardi Gras is a party, a protest, a release, and a revolution. Mardi Gras magick is all around this time of year, what it’s all about. [Read more…]

Beyonce, Oshun, and Behavior Befitting A Queen

If these are truly Beyonce’s beliefs I pray that she makes them openly known. I say this both as a daughter of Oshun…. [Read more…]

Top Ten Weird Sex Facts For Valentine’s Day

Some people give chocolate, or alcohol, hearts, or flowers … my Valentine’s Day gift to you readers is my top ten list of weird sex facts. [Read more…]

Happy Chinese New Year – the Cock, the Dragon and the Pearl

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers. [Read more…]

Top 21 Magical Love Movies for Valentine’s Day- Part 2

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and here is the continuation of my list of magical love movies to get you in the mood. [Read more…]

Top 21 Magical Love Movies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, and our thoughts are turning to love. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my favorite love movies. [Read more…]

Magick, Entitlement, Truth and Transitions

This is a rant about magick , entitlement, truth, and transitions. If you hate rants, stop reading. You frakking heard me, stop reading ( I am not supposed to use profanity anymore so I am reverting to Battlestar Galactica curses, I prefer them anyway.) I’m not really sure why I’m writing this rant, I’m not [Read More…]

Love Crystals : Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is also sacred to several other goddesses. The stone can be used as an offering for Freya, Yemaya, Venus, Isis, and Hathor. [Read more…]

Nana Buruku- Warrior, Wisewoman, and Goddess

Nana Buruku, also known as Nana Bukuu, is a distant, yet supremely powerful, force to be honored and remembered. [Read more…]

Talking Love Magic

This week I had the opportunity to be interviewed about the Love Magic on more than one occasion… there was a lot that I would like to share with you. [Read more…]