There are exactly 493 posts on this blog, as the Lilith Dorsey Blogiversary approaches and I write this. When I started I wasn’t sure I could finish 100 posts, let alone almost 500. Read more

Divination Space Station is the place where we stop to interview authors, psychics, and diviners from around the world. This time I am so excited to feature Author DJ Martin. Read more

The Lucumi (Santeria) feast for the Orisha Oshun occurs on September 8th. There is wonderful food, dancing, music, and joyous celebration. Read more

Before I started reading Glamour Magic I was confused about what this type of magic should or could be. I’ve had my share of run ins with witches who employed the use of a glamour, or two, or two hundred. Read more

In the myths and legends of the African Diaspora the Witch holds a special place. Bearing little resemblance to the Modern Witches we see today, these Witches are weird, bad, and dangerous. Very often they live on the edges of society, mastering the secret knowledge that untamed nature holds. The J’Ouvert celebrations that start Caribbean Carnival features one of these bad witches. At it’s core this ritual drama is about challenging class struggles, and fighting for survival. Fortunately, all of… Read more

Resistance can appear in many forms, and J’Ouvert is one of the most colorful. The celebration, which marks the start of Carnival, begins even before the sun rises. Read more

Like most people who have been to school I have had a lot of bad teachers. I had teachers who were ignorant, privileged, and some who may have been insane. Read more

Here at the Divination Space Station we have presented and profiled many of the top psychics and readers throughout the world. This week is no exception, as we showcase Little Luna from Snake Oil Tarot & Apothecary. Read more

Eclipse magick can be a strong and powerful thing. The energy of the sun and moon are condensed for a short period of time and your magickal working will most certainly benefit from this. Read more

What do we know about Ifá divination as a living system ? What are it’s philosophical systems? Read more

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