Book Review: My Soul Looks Back by Jessica B. Harris

The colorful characters in Jessica B. Harris’ truthful tale are writ large and literary. [Read more…]

Love Crystals : Chrysocolla for Communication

Chrysocolla is a stone of hope and harmony, communication and connection. To be honest this is one of my favorite crystals. [Read more…]

Why I’m a Love Witch … What Else Would I Be?

I think some love witches are in it for the mead or the clothes, but there are a few out there who really care like myself. [Read more…]

Finding a Higher Power in Vodou or Santeria (Lucumi)

Despite what you may read in the misinformation on the internet, there is a complex system of determining one’s ruling Orisha if you are involved in the religion. [Read more…]

Tarot Every Witch Way- Food : Workshop and Video Series

By cooking and eating these foods you can gain insight into their true meaning for you and your situation. [Read more…]

Love Crystals : Apatite for Abundance

This stone is said to bring deep calm, creativity, peace, and transcendence. In particular the dark blue variations of this crystal can help with loosing weight, and improving metabolism and circulation. [Read more…]

How I Found Paganism by Voodoo Priestess Lilith Dorsey

I get a lot of haters for identifying with Paganism. The Pagans hate me because I’m a Voodoo practitioner, and the Voodoo devotees hate me for aligning myself with Pagans. [Read more…]

Divination Space Station: Fontaine Foxworth + Brown Girl Tarot™

Brown Girl Tarot™ , the world’s first real life non-illustrated Tarot Card Deck, that exclusively features 78 photographs of Women of Color and one adorable brown baby girl! [Read more…]

Book Review: Animal Lessons by Danielle MacKinnon

One of the most useful parts of the book is the appendix where she lists common animal lessons that one might be facing. [Read more…]

Have A Blessed St. John’s Eve !

Have a Blessed St. John’s Eve everyone ! Get clean, stay bright, and remember the potential that this time of year holds ! [Read more…]