Review: Black Jesus, Praise the Lord !

The representation of Jesus in Black Jesus is one that presents itself in a more Afro-centric way. The divine can manifest and walk among humans for a time to offer help and guidance. This world certainly needs heroes, and Black Jesus is one. [Read more…]

Feast Of Orisha Obatala – Sept. 24th

Leading the group on the earthly plane is Obatala. This Orisha is the androgynous father/mother of peace and purity. He is the ashe of the clouds. [Read more…]

Video Lilith’s Garden: Dill

Here’s our next installment in the herbal magick series featuring Dill. This time we tried something different and made a video. [Read more…]

Blogiversary Top Tens Videos, Posts That Won’t Live, Etc. Part 2

I’d love to write about the well known Mambo (Vodou priestess) who abandoned her students at the airport with a bunch of human bones. [Read more…]

Blogiversary Top Tens : Videos, Posts That Won’t Die, Etc. Part 1

Some candles flicker before me this moment, a smile crawls across my face, and I want to offer everyone a sincere thank you for all the support, on this blogiversary here at Voodoo Universe. There has been so much love and kindness, I am amazed and honored. This weekend marks not only the anniversary of [Read More…]

Sensuous and Sacred: Oshun’s Feast Table How To

September 8th is the feast for Oshun in the religion of Santeria. Oshun is the Orisha in charge of the sweet and sometimes stormy waters of love, money, and beauty. Her roots stem not only from this tradition, but go back all the way to Africa. [Read more…]

Yemaya’s Feast Day Is September 7th – Please Be Kind !

Many hear her sacred song of maternal love, kindness and blessing. She is customarily celebrated on September 7th, which coincides with the Catholic day for Diosa Del Mar, the Lady of the Sea. [Read more…]

Art, Ancestors, And Ana Mendieta

It has been over 30 years since the brilliant, talented, visionary, and spiritual artist Ana Mendieta plunged to her death on the streets of New York City. But all too often in stories like hers people focus on the negative and not the beauty of what was, and what remains behind. [Read more…]

Herbal Magick : Tonka Beans

Tonka beans have long been a Hoodoo ingredient in spells and ritual workings. Similar to mojo beans, they are used for manifesting desires and wishes. They are particularly effective used in spells for love. [Read more…]

Recipe: Yemaya Coconut Rice

Yemaya is the Orisha of the Ocean in the Lucumi (Santeria) religion. A Mother to all, she rides the waves with her gentleness and blessings. [Read more…]