A Day In The Life/Death: Ancestor Feast

Often there are people who leave money, alcohol, cotton, tobacco, and the like. Music is played and voices are raised in honor and connection. Read more

The Hardest Thing About Creating An Ancestor Altar

It’s not the time, the effort, or even the money. The hardest thing about creating an ancestor altar is both more simple, and more complicated than these things. Read more

Simple Samhain Crafts For All Ages

I almost titled this post Simple Samhain Crafts for humans of all ages and dogs… no just kidding. You can however, see from the pictures that everyone got in on the fun. Read more

5 Useful Things For Starting A Pagan Blog

One blogger I know doesn’t even read the comments, but I think it’s important to take a look at what people say, even if it’s only evil and narrow-minded. Otherwise how are we going to help people learn the real truth about Paganism in all it’s ancient and glorious forms. Read more

Divination Space Station: Courtney Alexander + Dust II Onyx A Melanated Tarot

Being a fat/black/queer woman there wasn’t a deck I saw myself in. I agonized for months over how to express the depth and diversity I wanted to see. Read more

The Truth About Vodou Vs. Hoodoo

For many years the Afro-Diasporan traditions of Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo, and Haitian Vodou were shrouded in secrecy. This was because of slavery, colonialism, and other forms of severe oppression. Read more

#31DaysofSamhain Movie List Continued

The veil is thin, our minds are dark, and the pictures we see can inspire and incite. In my last post I started the #31daysofsamhain movie list, without further ado I present the rest of my seasonal viewing suggestions. Read more

#31DaysofSamhain Movie List

The are witches and wizards, vampires old and black, ancestors, voodoo stuff, a couple of musicals, and some scary stuff too. So here we go, in no particular order my #31daysofsamhain movie list. Read more

Voodoo Universe’s 400th Post: What’s New, What’s Next ?

400 posts. Sometimes I’m in awe of the body of work we have put together for this blog over the years. We profile accurate and respectful information about the religions of New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou, La Regla Lucumi, and other Afro-Diasporan traditions. Read more

Nat Turner And The Wait For Birth Of A Nation

Birth of a Nation 2016, the hashtag for the film is #standwithus and the message has been rise up. Some hoped to interpret this as meaning rise up constructively, and without altercation, but in all likelihood we are beyond that strategy. Read more

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