August Lunatic of the Month ~ Josh Weathers Singing “I Will Always Love You”

Josh Weathers

Full disclosure: This astounding performance by Josh Weathers of Dolly Parton‘s I Will Always Love You, sung with all the vocal reach and dexterity of the late Whitney Houston, did not originally take place this month. But the discovery of the video of it did.

He tells a lively back story (be patient and listen) about how it came to pass that he learned and memorized the song, with all of its octaval gymnastics, as he sips whiskey before beginning to give it a go. (I commend him for not guzzling it.) He takes a deep breath and then sings for his mother, whom, he said was not in the audience but whom he pictured, sitting right there, in the front row.

For his guts, his willingness to throw it all on the line and, more, to do so for his mother — Josh Weathers takes Poets & Lunatics August “Lunatic of the Month Award.”

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