Let My Soul Cling to You

A prayer from Saint Augustine of Hippo
from Confessions

Let the ears of my heart move close to Your lips and let me listen to you, who are the Truth, so that you may tell me why tears are sweet to the sorrowful.

How can it be that there is sweetness in the fruit we pluck from the bitter crop of life?

For wherever the soul of man may turn, unless it turns to You, it clasps sorrow. Even though it clings to things of beauty, if their beauty is outside God and outside the soul, it clings only to sorrow.

Now, at last, tired of being misled, entrust to the Truth all that the Truth has given you and nothing will be lost.  All that is withered in you will be made to thrive again.

My soul, why do you face about and follow the lead of the flesh? Turn forward, and let it follow you!

About Wendy Murray

Wendy Murray is a veteran and award-winning journalist. She served as associate editor and Senior Writer at Christianity Today magazine and has written extensively for other publications such as Books & Culture and The Christian Century. She has written 11 books.