Claim your vocation. Follow it. It is what you made for. 

Van Gogh, Memory of the Garden at Etten (Women of Arles)


From The Inner Voice of Love, by Henri Nouwen:

“Rembrandt and VanGogh trusted their vocations and did not allow anyone to lead them astray. With true Dutch stubbornness, they followed their vocations. They did not bend over backward to please their friends or enemies. Both ended their lives in poverty, but both left humanity with gifts that could heal the minds and hearts of many generations of people.

Think of these two men and trust that you, too, have a unique vocation that is worth claiming and living out faithfully.”

Rembrandt, Study in black wood frame

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  • mhelbert

    Thank you, Wendy. I did not follow my vocation. Rather, I followed what others thought was my vocation. Now, at nearly 60 years old, (God! When did I get old?)
    I’m regretting some of the choices that I’ve made. However, second guessing at this stage of life is pretty much and exercise in futility. I would join with those revered Dutchmen and encourage everyone to listen to their heart and follow their gifting.
    Blessings on you!

    • Wendy Murray

      Thanks for commenting, Mike. Blessings on you.