“Lunatic of the Month” Award









“The Lunatic of the Month” is rendered to one who, in the modest opinion of this writer and in keeping with the mandate of this blog, has made a worthy attempt to see “clouds as mountains amid machinations of a no-holds-barred culture,” ~ that is, to believe that the impossible is achievable, against all odds. Candidates are selected regardless of gender, race, orientation, ethnicity or political affiliation. (Nominations are welcomed.)

March 2013 ~ Lunatic of the Month: Rand Paul

April 2013 ~ Lunatic of the Month: Tony Rooke

May 2013 ~ Lunatic(s) of the Month: The Gas Pump Singers, Monifa and Will Sims 

June 2013 ~ Lunatic of the Month: Stephen Colbert

July 2014 ~ Lunatic of the Month: Russian Subway Woman