Wedding: Choosing a Date

You know what? It can be surprisingly difficult to solidify a date for your wedding.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, you are trying to coordinate something that several hundred people will be able to get to. Can’t do that without creating some scheduling conflicts!

In the end, we picked the date that made the most sense for our life and schedule even though I felt a little weird about how close it is to my best friend’s anniversary.

As a Hindu, one thing to take into consideration when picking the date is astrology. Though I did not consult an astrologer for auspicious dates, it is something I would recommend! (We are seeing an astrologer soon to do a couples chart).


I’ve been really happy with the reaction that we’ve been getting from friends and family.

There was a part of me that thought no one would be excited for me finally getting married. Many of my friends have already done it quite a while ago. They’re moving on into babies. Would there be any happiness left for me as I trail along behind?

But there was.

Even beyond that, I wondered how people would react to it being a strongly Hindu based wedding. There are western elements, but it is still a Hindu wedding. I am a Hindu; I wouldn’t have a Christian wedding!

  • I worried that my parents would think I was being pretentious about my Indian dress and other Hindu elements. If so, they haven’t shown it at all!
  • I worried that my cousin who got married in India twelve years ago would judge me , thinking that I wasn’t doing it Hindu enough. Yet, she was amazingly supportive and excited for me! Even offering some great tips that I’m going to be sharing with you soon.
  • I worried that my Indian guests would be rolling their eyes behind my back. Well, don’t know about that one yet, but everyone seems to be looking forward to seeing how I blend Hindu tradition into my wedding.

(See a theme here? Yeah, I can be a bit of a worrier. I try not to let that rule my life, but it tends to always be there in the background.)

As I said in my video last week, one interesting element of being a convert is that my ideas about what my wedding would look like have changed dramatically. Yeah, I was one of those girls who day dreamed every detail of her wedding from the time she was five years old. At that age I pictured wearing my mother’s dress and a long and dramatic veil. I pictured a church. I imagined a very traditional western wedding.

Some time after I began identifying as a Hindu, that all changed. I found new wedding dreams that were connected with my chosen religion. And I feel like I really lucked out because Hindu weddings are AMAZING. I feel honored to be able to be a part of that. You know what? I look way better in red than I do in white 😉

Video: How We Picked Our Date/Setting Priorities

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Bridal Bootcamp

I’ve been doing pretty well with the getting healthy thing. I’m exercising every day, but the food is still a problem for me. I do really well and eat healthy, but then unexpected things come up and I end up eating out with people or temptation shows up. I am making better choices than previously, but I have  a ways to go still. There’s room for improvement.

I weighed in at weight watchers on Sunday and the result was: 2.8 pounds lost

I wish it were more, but I know that’s good! It’s hard to have patience. Here is my updated picture. You really can’t see any difference yet, but it’s only been a week!


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