Ambaa’s Holi

Ambaa’s Holi April 1, 2013

Did I play Holi? Oh yes. Yes, I did!

Early Saturday morning we drove down to the ISKON temple and they were all ready for us. I went with my fiance and my very good friend and his girlfriend, so there were four of us all together.

First we stopped in at the temple and I bowed to the Gods, then we went to the parking lot where colors were already flying. The energy was fantastic. Everyone was pumped up and laughing and having a great time. There was music in the background and a guy who helped initiate anyone new, dragging them through the crowd shouting, “Get the face!”

I’ve been to Holi in four different places since I became a Hindu nine years ago and this was the most fun I’ve had yet. My friends had a blast too.

Once we wore ourselves out with the colors, we got some plates of food and sat on the grass while cows watched. You know, one of the nice things about going to events at the Iskon temple is that I’m never the only white person!

Afterwards I was so hyped up on the energy that I played Bollywood music in the car. And our day just kept getting more Indian.

After we got home and rinsed off as much of the color as we could, we went out to Akbaar to use a Living Social voucher for Indian food. I was still wearing my little black bindi and the staff were quite interested in me. They turned to me for the food order and they watched as I ate with my fingers. Then an older man that I think must have been the owner came over and asked if I spoke Hindi. I failed the Hindi test, but he still seemed pretty delighted with me. We told him about Holi at the Hare Krishna temple.

Then I was still in an Indian mood, so we watched Jodhaa Akbar
on Netflix 😉

It was a phenomenal day. Holi really is my favorite holiday. It’s so full of joy and fun and goodwill.

Brad said he wasn’t sure we could have a more Indian day. I said probably our Vedic wedding ceremony will do it!

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