Wedding Dupatta

Our friend Andrea gave me a link to a post of different draping styles for dupattas for a wedding:

I tested a few of them out today.

However, I have a problem. The dupatta that came with my dress is incredibly heavy. No matter what clips I wear, it falls off my head. I even tried modifying my hairstyle so that I had a bump to rest the dupatta against, but it was so heavy that it crushed even that and slid off my head.

We managed to get some pictures, but there’s no way I’ll be able to wear these styles with this dupatta.

The website also showed some styles with two dupattas. I think if I want one over my head, I may need to purchase a second, lighter one!


(Andrea also pointed out that I should mention that all my jewelry is fake! I’m cheap plus I don’t like having expensive items because it’s too much responsibility. I love costume jewelry!)

Here are some other pages with potential draping styles to try:

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Ambaa is an American woman of European ancestry who is also a practicing Hindu. She is fascinated with questions of philosophy, culture, and the meaning of life. Join her in the journey to explore how a non-Indian convert to Hinduism experiences her religion.

  • Andrea Mandal

    Oh amazing that looks absolutely fantastic! Depending on how your hairstyle is done, you can use long straight pins (think hat pins or hijab pins) to keep your dupatta in place. My odhni was net, so a few strategically-placed safety pins worked in that case, but if you need to go through the middle of the fabric, you’ll want to use a straight pin. It lies flat against your head so you won’t get stuck. Just be sure to make sure they all come out when you finally remove the dupatta!

    • Andrea Mandal

      And by safety pins I meant bobby pins. O.o

    • Ambaa

      Hat pins are hard to find, but I might be able to pick up some hijab pins. Hmmmm. I’m using big hair pins here and it was not helping at all! My head is bent forward because we had about five seconds to take the picture before it slid off!

      I’m really leaning towards getting a light “belly dance” red veil and doing that in the style over my head and connected to my wrists, then wrapping this dupatta around like a sari.

      I’ll post another pic when I try that out!

  • Drakenobody Iam

    its amazing and i love the way you look so comfortable in that dress radiating full feminity. BDW in Hinduism there are no black and no white all souls and the manifestation of the same supreme.

    • Ambaa

      I agree and I’ve had posts before about why I am called the “white” Hindu. I know in reality we are all one God and skin color does not matter, but when I first started practicing Hinduism ten years ago, I felt like I was really being held back by my skin color. Racial and cultural identity is one of the issues this blog explores.

  • Derek_anny

    In your hairstyle post, I shared a link to Roman techniques (I’m sure I had a reason, oh yeah- the structural vitae). At any rate, included in that is a veiling system. I’m pretty sure they used long pins like Andrea mentions above.

  • happygoth

    I have a lot of friends who wear heavy veils on a regular basis, and they swear by “toupee” or “fall” clips, which are basically little clipping combs you can sew onto the backside of a veil to keep it in place in your hair. I think you can buy them pretty easily at wig supply places. Anyway, congrats, and I hope this helps!