Day In the Life of the White Hindu

My life is pretty freakin awesome.

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with stupid things and get too engrossed in blowing things out of proportion, I like to take the step back and look at my life as someone from the outside would. It helps me see how wonderful things are in reality. I know that I love to read about people’s day to day lives in engrossing detail. I think we all like to catch a glimpse into what other people’s lives are like.

So today I’m going to take you with me and give you a tour of my life!


One aspect I love about our new apartment is the way the closet is a long hallway into my bathroom (we have separate bathrooms! I love it!) I don’t have to wake up with an alarm clock. Everyone in my office tends to get a late start. Being  a morning person, it’s no problem for me to get in there by 9:30 and be the first one there.

In the new apartment, my altar is in the closet of my home office. I feel better about having the Gods near my work space as opposed to my sleeping space.

Off to work! I might be ready to trade in my boring data entry job for full time writing, but in the meantime I have a pretty sweet setup.

The building is located in a really charming little historic mill town full of antique shops!

It’s a tiny company and lots of the boys who work there are now my friends outside the office too. They come over for board games and several of them are invited to my wedding. That’s the corner of my desk in the left edge of the picture.

Taking off my shoes at the door when I get home.

For an apartment, I have a nice big kitchen. These days Brad can be found there most nights making our dinner! (Notice the tiny dog ears near his feet. Our little dog, Thea, loves to investigate what’s going on in the kitchen)

We’ve got lots of weeknight activities. Two nights a week we gather with friends for gaming. Tuesdays is board gaming and Thursdays is RPGs (i.e., Dungeons and Dragons). I don’t care for the D&D, but I hang out and chat. Fridays we go rollerskating at our gym. Some weekdays I take a lunch break and take the dog for a walk with my friend and her baby (she and her family live about half a mile from me). Several evenings we hang out and watch TV shows on Netflix with our best friend.

(At a friend’s apartment)

On Saturday afternoons we walk a half mile to the interfaith center where the Sathya Sai Baba group meets for bhajans.

In the evenings we snuggle up with the dog and I read out loud from whatever novel we’re in the middle of (at the moment Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, Book 2)


There you have it, a day in my life. Do you ever use that trick to remind yourself of the good things in your life? I highly recommend it! Just pretend you are looking at your own life from the outside and seeing all the fun little things that make it look easy. This, for me, is a form of exercising being present. I have a tendency to live in my head: thinking, worrying, pondering, planning. This is something I do to help break me out of that for a little breather!

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  • Very nice of you to give us a look into your life. It looks very fulfilling! What I like to do sometimes is look at my box of q-tips that I use for cleaning my ears, and I go, “Little did I know that when this box runs out, I will have…” as in I will have gotten my travel trailer as a home, that I would be working as a volunteer farmer on an organic produce farm, etc. (these things in particular are true examples of what has happened in my life.). Sometimes, when I open a new box, I will also ask, “Where will I be when this box becomes empty?” It’s an absolutely open-ended question!

    • Ambaa

      I love that q-tip exercise! I may have to try that 🙂

      • This can apply to any product that you buy in bulk and which lasts for a long time in between purchases.