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Now that I finally have a temple home and a regular appointment there I’m breaking out my salwar kameez again. I’m having two problems with my suits, though. The first is that my bust size has grown from nursing and so all the ones I have are very tight in the chest. The second is that I can’t nurse in a kameez top. A sari, of course, always fits and I can nurse in, but that’s way too dressed up for what I’m doing. I don’t want to be a hundred times more dressed up than my friends! (If you are looking for a nursing-friendly option for a wedding or something fancy, definitely go for a sari! Just wear a blouse that is stretchy and pulls down, maybe even a t-shirt or a nursing choli).

I got to thinking that there must be Indian nursing clothes out there.

A quick Google search and I found a few things. It’s pretty tough to find anything, but Morph Maternity is a site based in India that sells maternity and nursing clothes, and they ship to the U.S.! (I love shopping Indian sites because it is very affordable. Even with shipping the end cost is less than or equal to what you’d buy at, say, Target).

Amazon USA has one company doing maternity/nursing tops: Pari’s M2B (I wish I could shop but they are not shipping to the U.S. these days)

Unfortunately shops like and don’t ship to the U.S. 🙁 I’ve never shopped Alibaba before, but I guess they have a potential option.

I could also try adding in a zipper to a simple, cheap kameez top. And, honestly, a long loose-fitting tunic nursing top American style would work okay too. Yet another direction one could go is to ask about adding a zipper in the front. Many shops do custom stitching of the suits and they might be willing to modify the style.

But for ready-made it looks like  Morph Maternity is the only option. All the shops that market directly to American ladies (like and, from whom I bought my wedding lengha, don’t have maternity or nursing clothes).

indian nursing clothes, morph maternity

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