Routine is the Enemy of the Present Moment

I have been trying to figure out why I have the pattern I do with jobs. When I first start a new job, I love it. Doesn’t matter what it is. It can be data entry and I love it. A few months down the road I start getting bored and then resentful and eventually I’m dreading going into work and having intense anxiety during all of my free time. This pattern has repeated over and over and over. I’ve… Read more

Forgiving Yourself for A Change In Game Plan

When we’re teenagers we’re often encouraged to start thinking about our long term plans. At least by your early twenties you are setting up your path to take you to whatever profession you (or your parents) have planned. You take the steps you need to get there. But sometimes years down the road you find that you actually don’t enjoy the thing that you thought you were going to love. The entire plan you made was for a life you… Read more

Inertia v.s. Housekeeping {Happiness Project}

Goal One: Take the Extra Step I love a clean, clear, clutter-free space. I feel anxiety and depression lift when I am in a room that is neat, tidy, and comfortably decorated. I’ve always longed to create those spaces in my home. Since I was a child I wanted to be a housewife and make my home radiate peace and beauty. That goal has over the years butted up against an inner nature that tends towards tamas. I don’t say… Read more

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

You all may remember that I revamped my diet on the advice of the book WomanCode by Alissa Vitti. To help heal my PCOS, which is causing infertility, I cut out simple carbs and cut down on sugars. I’m still doing it, four months later, keeping both a low-carb AND mostly vegan diet. It can be done! So is it working? Yes, it definitely is! It’s astounding to see how much of an effect diet really does have on your… Read more

What I Know About Myself {Happiness Project}

Having observed myself now for 33 years there are some things I do know about what makes me happier and unhappier… Things That Make Me Happy A clear, bright, clutter-free space Being free to pursue spontaneous trips, visits, and activities Learning new things Getting out of the house at least once a day Helping people (even if it’s as simple as showing them where something is in the grocery store) Bhajan group Feeling productive Things That Make Me Unhappy Feeling… Read more

Happiness Plateau

I think I can safely say that we all want to be happy. What we pursue in life, whether a career or God or a hobby or other passion all comes down to an attempt to feel content, fulfilled, and happy. America was founded on the principal of every individual person’s right to pursue happiness and I don’t think that meant in a selfish way at all. Pursuing happiness doesn’t have to mean doing things to please yourself and focusing… Read more

Panel: Honoring or Appropriation?

My friend Andrea is often my consultant when it comes to issues of cultural mis-appropriation. She and my husband were the first to teach me about these issues. I have learned so much from both of them about racism and how what I do could be seen as inappropriate or stealing. I am so grateful for their input! Andrea found this wonderful podcast and sent it to me. It is a panel discussion among Pagans of various traditions (and a white… Read more

Faith, Doubt, and Guru-Bhakti

As excited as I was to get a baby blessing from my Guru, as positive and energized and hopeful as it made me feel, it’s difficult to avoid glimmers of fear and doubt. Just like how “faith healers” operate, if your wish doesn’t come true then you get the blame for it. You doubted. You weren’t totally confident the Guru could do it. Your faith wasn’t strong enough. [youtube][/youtube] I don’t want to have doubts. I want to have perfect… Read more

Lakshmi Likes A Clean Home

I’ve always had a vision of myself as a homemaker. I dreamed of creating a beautiful cozy little nest of a house. I pictured myself baking biscuits surrounded by lots of children. I saw a garden and a basket of knitting. I read lots of Christian housewife blogs (why are they all Christian? I don’t know!) Despite all this, I’ve never been very good about housework. I have no one to blame but myself for this. Some people understand that… Read more

The Desire to Possess

When I was a kid I knew how to just appreciate beauty. I could admire something and enjoy it without the following need to posses it. Now that I’m adult and I have the means to buy things my ability to enjoy the beauty around me is being eroded. When I see a beautiful woman wearing a really cool outfit I can’t just admire and enjoy how nice it all looks. Immediately my brain starts trying to figure out how… Read more