Patheos is joining in with a campaign to inspire people of all faiths to use prayer towards these three goals for the world: End Extreme Poverty Fight Inequality and Injustice Combat Climate Change Naturally I think it will take more than just prayer to achieve these goals, but prayer is an important part of it. My conception of prayer is that it is something that we do to purify ourselves and more clearly see the part we can play in… Read more

I’ve had some really special moments of my life happen around Hindu holidays. We got married the day after Krishna Janmashtami and got to rock baby Krishna at the temple during our wedding ceremony. And this year it was the morning of Ganesh Chaturthi that I got a definitely positive pregnancy test. Today I go in to the doctor for my second blood test to make sure everything is progressing well, but I’m at four and half weeks pregnant right… Read more

I recorded a video of my attempt at a Maha Ganapati Homam at home (using this site as a guide: I did a pretty terrible job. Thank goodness my friend Anu is coming over tomorrow to do a puja for me! Before you watch the video, I have some news. I got another positive pregnancy test this morning. This time it was a much stronger result and a little later in the game (14 dpo) so my chances of miscarrying… Read more

Ever since I was a little girl I longed for community. I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere and I was envious of people who were born into tight-knit communities. My best friend Sarah is Jewish and when we were kids I went to her temple and learned about Judaism from her, seriously considering converting because of the community I saw in her culture. I was fascinated with the Amish who draw together into a tight community against outsiders. The… Read more

Sri Ganesha’s birthday is coming up this Thursday September 17th! This is one of my favorite holidays. I love the theme of renewal and turning over our fears, anxieties, and mistakes to Lord Ganesha to take away with Him. Last year’s post has more information about the holiday and how to celebrate (I strongly encourage you to make your own Ganesh murti from the salt and flour dough recipe provided!) This post has more detailed information about Sri Ganesha himself:… Read more

A friend of mine who traveled with me in India this previous trip works in the healing field. She does physical healing as well as energy work to heal on the subtle level. When she heard that I’ve been struggling with fertility she offered to take a look and do some energy work with me. I warned her that I’ve never felt the energy and she told me to do some light activity while she was working long distance. Not… Read more

I was sent this book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome, as part of Patheos’s book club. I actually requested it because I remember reading some of the blog that it was based on and loving the concept. The title is also fantastic. Really hits the lubricated nail on the head. The basic idea is that Reba grew up in a very religious Pentacostal family (a branch of Christianity) and when she lost her childhood faith it was very crushing. On her… Read more

I was re-watching OMG with my friends last night, which is one of my favorite Indian movies. (I don’t agree with its whole message but I think it brings up some great points and speaks of a faith larger than we usually experience day to day). Anyway, there’s a point where Sri Krishna says that people are always trying to make bargains with him: If I get the job, I will shave my head. If I get pregnant I will go… Read more

I wrote a long time ago about smart phone apps that can support your spirituality but a lot has changed since then so I thought it was time to do it again! Last night I searched for Hindu apps and downloaded a bunch to try. Here is what I found… Wallpapers It started with Shiva Wallpapers by Peaksel (It says 99 cents on Amazon but I’m pretty sure it was free when I went through Google Play Store). As the reviews… Read more

Hope you are all having a great holiday! I’ll be rocking this little guy at midnight and hoping for a happy pregnancy result soon!   Read more

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