I’m pretty tired of getting comments and messages from people who have just discovered the blog and immediately feel the need to tell me that it’s wrong for me to call myself the White Hindu. I suspect these people are new because I think that if you spend time with me and read my blog then you understand that this is not just the story of being Hindu, it is also the story of what it’s like to be a… Read more

The scandals unfolding around Josh Duggar exemplify the reason I’m a liberal Democrat. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, the Duggars are an enormous clan of hard-core evangelical Christians who had a TV show for many years showing their devout lifestyle with their family of 19 children. That’s right: nineteen. The eldest child, Josh, married young after a courtship (meaning that he had no physical contact with his bride before they married and they spent only a few… Read more

There is one other member of my family who identifies as Hindu: a cousin a couple years older than me. It’s fascinating to me how our different life paths led us to almost exactly the same place! While I learned most of what I know from books and some experimentation, she has had a more authentic experience. Her husband is an Indian Hindu and she lived in India for many years. She speaks several Indian languages fluently and is quite… Read more

Even though Krishna Janmashtami is late this year, taking place in early September instead of late August, it  still snuck up on me! I’m thrilled to realize that the big holiday season is just about to begin. This year Krishna Janmashtami is September 5th. Here you can see more information about Krishna Janmashtami (celebrating Sri Krishna’s birthday) from my previous years’ posts:  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/whitehindu/2013/08/happy-birthday-krishna-krishna-janmashtami/ And this year I decided to run a giveaway because I shut down my Etsy shop but… Read more

My husband and I were talking about this post and it brought up a common discussion in our marriage: that I panic an awful lot. I live with a pretty high level of anxiety and worry. I worry over not doing enough, not being productive enough, not squeezing every bit of meaning out of every moment. I assumed that everyone lives that way but then I met Brad and found out that it is possible to feel content and like… Read more

How have I been doing on my plans? Pretty well! 1) Flylady. We’re still going strong with keeping the house tidy. I’m not doing everything on Flylady yet, but I go easy on myself and stick with the basics. My kitchen has been clear most evenings (and when it isn’t I get it done first thing the next morning). I’m feeling really good about it. 2) Doing the extra step. Also going well. For example, at work I saw a… Read more

There’s a weird feeling I get these days because meditation and mindfulness are so popular. It’s odd living in a world where people are likely to know some form of meditation or yoga or Eastern philosophy. When I was growing up meditation was just something that movies made fun of with dramatic leg poses and exaggerated Oms. I felt a defensive pride that I knew what meditation really was. It was something that me and my family did. It was… Read more

Someone recently asked me this question and it really surprised me. It’s not something that ever occurred to me. But I can see what she meant. Like if one God has more worshipers than another do they rub it in each other’s faces? At first this seemed pretty ridiculous to me. But then I thought about all the stories and myths around the Gods and some of those stories do involve competitiveness and one-upmanship. At first I think that since… Read more

People often urge you to make every moment count, to live life to the fullest, to remember that you never know when you might die and you don’t want to have regrets. I live in tremendous fear of those statements (I know, I have a lot of fears!) Part of the fear of death that I have is that I fear having regret, not getting everything out of life possible, wasting time, wasting the enormous opportunity of a human embodiment…. Read more

I have been trying to figure out why I have the pattern I do with jobs. When I first start a new job, I love it. Doesn’t matter what it is. It can be data entry and I love it. A few months down the road I start getting bored and then resentful and eventually I’m dreading going into work and having intense anxiety during all of my free time. This pattern has repeated over and over and over. I’ve… Read more

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