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Reason to persist

Why would you want to persist at anything? That’s a very good question. Indeed, why WOULD you want to persist? Answer that question in a way that is personally meaningful to you,...


Sacred Readings

“Who can make an image of God?”

Hávamál: The Words of Odin the High One Tr. Olive Bray 53. Little the sand if little the seas, little are minds of men, for ne’er in the world were all equally wise, ’tis shared by the fools and the sage. [Source] The Holy Quran: Sura XIII Tr. Yusuf Ali 14. For Him (alone) is prayer In Truth: any [Read More...]

Wake Up Call

Are you being you? James Martin on realizing your true self.

Before coming to know the true self, one must confront the false self that one has usually spent a lifetime constructing and nourishing. ~James Martin From the outside looking in, James Martin was living the good life. He was 29 years old and had a nice job working for a Fortune 500 company. He had [Read More...]

Astrological Musings

Planetary Illuminations: Astrological Forecast for September 2015 now posted

Full article here.  September is looking like a pretty amazing month – not too many big planetary aspects creating stress and conflict, but planets changing direction, changing signs, and two SuperMoons (term coined by Richard Nolle) that are also eclipses.  Eclipses are indicators of evolution, both personal and global, as well as the unmasking of [Read More...]


Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images
By Christine Valters Paintner