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Reason to persist

Why would you want to persist at anything? That’s a very good question. Indeed, why WOULD you want to persist? Answer that question in a way that is personally meaningful to you,...


Wrestling With God

Catholic Memoirist Richard Rodriguez on God, Islam, and Finding Faith in the Midst of Darkness

By Barbara Falconer Newhall The occasion was a two-fer book talk by two Catholics. Kaya Oakes would be talking about her Catholicism-to-atheism-and-back-to-Catholicism memoir, Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Catholic Church. And Catholic memoirist Richard Rodriguez would be talking about his essay collection, Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography. Oakes started the conversation with a blunt [Read More...]

The Principles of Spiritual Living

What’s Your Problem?

Has anyone ever asked you that? I remember my grandpa Jack yelling that at my grandma Esther one time. Her answer, as I recall, was something along the line of, “YOU!” Their relationship was fragile at best. Maybe you have started out your day very upbeat and happy. Suddenly – sometimes very suddenly – everything [Read More...]

Quest for Meaning: A UU Collective

Religious Humanism: What Was Old is New Again

Church Attendance Free Fall The Barna Group, a research group that keeps up with trends in religion, estimates that 48% of Millennials (born 1984-2002) are “post-Christian.” Forty-eight percent. “Post-Christian” means that they have heard of Christianity; know its claims; swim in its assumptions; and have little to no interest in it as a method for [Read More...]

A Goddess in LA

How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Four

The Inner Work Becoming aware of the fears and beliefs that shape our lives is a tremendous first step on the path to freedom from self limitation. Once we’ve identified hindering beliefs and fears, we can work toward reducing, revising or, ideally, replacing them with empowering beliefs that serve to speed us along the path [Read More...]

The Divine Feminine

Forged by the Divine Feminine

When we met across a table at the local poetry circle 35 years ago, the Divine Feminine was not on our minds. Admittedly, he was fresh back from the Spiritual Hippie Trail in India. His first thought on seeing me: That woman is going to be my wife. Second thought: That is a really strange thought.  My own thoughts [Read More...]

Astrological Musings

The question of cusps and the 29th degree

In response to a few questions I had from readers after other astrologers wrote about the New Moon being in Pisces, I thought it would be useful to discuss the idea of the “cusp.”  This is one of those concepts about which you can read a myriad of different opinions from very reputable astrologers. The cusp [Read More...]

Revealing Your LuminEssence

Living the Life of Your Dreams

We must devote each moment of our lives to choices that promote freedom, creativity, and newness. Breaking free of old, encrusted, limiting thoughts requires ongoing, moment-to-moment focus on catching these unsupportive beliefs and exchanging them with thoughts that inspire and ignite your senses.

Conversations with God

How can spiritually conscious people respond to our world?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a five-part series by Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch on the role of today’s Cultural Creatives in the evolutionary process now unfolding on the Earth with increasing intensity.) I cannot remember a time during my half century of adulthood when the average human being on this [Read More...]

Daily Life as Spiritual Practice

The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2014

One way we practice our spirituality in everyday life is to go to the movies. As film reviewers for, we review 300 films a year, always looking for how the stories and the characters illustrate spiritual qualities and practices. At the end of the year, we choose the 45 “Most Spiritually Literate Films” of [Read More...]

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

The 10 Types of Women Christian Men Shouldn't Marry: A Response

I can't laugh at this list, because it reminded me of every time my former brand of religion shamed me for being an independent woman, a driven woman, a self-embodied woman.

Wake Up Call

4 Life Lessons from the Minister who helped win a Super Bowl.

If you’re even a casual football fan, you probably know by now that the New England Patriots won the 2015 Super Bowl. But you may not know about the man called “a critical part of the team’s success”, though he’s not part of the coaching staff and has never played a single down. His name [Read More...]

Project Awaken

Astrology 101 on #StephenSoulTalks

Post By: Stephen Lovegrove, Contributor  “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.” – JP Morgan My friend Jordan Bach shared this quote last year, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. At that point, I barely knew anything about astrology, but I decided I should investigate it for myself. Now, one year later, astrology is a [Read More...]

A Happy Medium

We All Need Help Sometime

The little girl was about three years old and was screaming in the middle of Target at her mother, who looked to be humiliated. Her face blushed, not from the cold, but from her daughter’s tantrum. “I can do it myself. I don’t need any help!” the small, but powerhouse girl screamed, whipping her brown [Read More...]

Pluralism, Pragmatism, Progressivism

Chocolate for Lent

Lent (the forty-day period of preparation for Easter Sunday) has a bad reputation in some quarters as solely negative and dour time. However, the season of Lent is not only a challenge to give up a bad habit (to loosen attachment to the aspects of our lives that unduly occupy our attention), but also an invitation to [Read More...]

Sarah Over the Moon

“Damaged Goods” Has Something For Everyone

Full disclosure: Dianna Anderson is a close friend of mine, and has been since before she started writing Damaged Goods. She did not ask me to write this review, but I fully believe her book is an important one. I will try to be as honest as I can in this review, but of course I have [Read More...]

Spirituality and Consciousness

Influencing the Weather

Influencing the Weather  By Pamala Oslie   You can extend the power of your thoughts far beyond merely affecting your body. You can influence the weather and your environment.   When I arrived in Maui, Hawaii, late one night, the weather report said that it would be raining on the entire island for days. That [Read More...]

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images
By Christine Valters Paintner