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Editor's Choice

Spirituality Itself

Dear Orlando: May Our Hearts Be Forever Changed

When that vandal punctured the heart of the LGBTQ community, along with the blood and the tears, love flowed into the world. The living and the dead—the lovers and the beloved—became love itself.


Mass Shootings and Ramadan

While we pray for victims, donate blood and coin to funds, let us also examine the roots of our own traditions that feed hatred, and do something during this Ramadan season to reach out to the Muslims in our community and learn what Islam is really about.

Luminous Living with Miriam Ava

Coming Into Our True Shape: Life After Orlando

  Hold dear your vision of your inner oasis. It's the sacred space inside your heart where your highest contributions to society live. It's what makes you, you. No gunman can take that from you.

UU Collective

Profile of a Murderer

When one group of people is responsible for the vast majority of not only all mass murders, but also the vast majority of all rapes, all assaults, all violent crime, then maybe it is time to ask what is going on. Yes, we're talking about men.


Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images
By Christine Valters Paintner