June 29, 2015

I could not help but think how much I love her and how my life literally is meaningless should she ever be lost forever. I cannot fathom spending eternity in heaven while my daughter be tortured in literal fire and brimstone. That is no heaven and nothing could wipe the tears from my face should that be the case. Well, nothing short of God making me ignorant to what is happening to her under His watch or hardened – hardened just like him it would seem. Read more

June 28, 2015

If the bible makes anything clear, it is that we are called to love—called to serve others as Christ loved and served. Those who take a Christocentric worldview will not wage war with the LGBT community. Rather, we will follow Jesus and treat all with love, kindness, and compassion—just as we want to be treated. Read more

June 26, 2015

I cannot understand the fascination conservative Evangelicals have with the movie American Sniper: The Most Lethal Sniper In U.S. History. Recently, I have witnessed what seems like overt idol worship for the late Chris Kyle, whose killings are highlighted in the film. There is a particular affinity for him and the movie in which he is portrayed in the Bible study I attend. Read more

June 21, 2015

Jesus died not to save mankind from His vengeful “Abba”, but to truly save all of mankind from our sins. We are all called into a relationship with the peaceful Yahweh that loves all of humanity; enough so to offer up His only Son as a way to save us from ourselves. Girard concludes, “The Gospel revelation is the definitive formulation of a truth already partially disclosed in the Old Testament. But in order to come to completion, it requires the good news that God himself accepts the role of the victim of the crowd so that he can save all. The God who becomes the victim is not another mythic god but the one God, infinitely good, of the Old Testament.” [4] When we realize that Jesus reveals who God is, we can finally imitate the One who shows us out of the cycle of violence. Scripture must be viewed through the lens of the Gospel, not visa-versa. When we can do this, we can see God’s nature through Christ and that it is God’s peace that finally sets us free. This is the good news Jesus spoke of. Read more

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