How to Learn More from the Anxious Bench

How to Learn More from the Anxious Bench May 29, 2019

We’ve had a number of newer readers start to visit The Anxious Bench in 2019. So if you like what you’ve read and want to learn more, let me point you in a few directions:

• If you’ve wondered what we look and sound like, check out the videos that Kristin and Beth have started posting on YouTube, often on topics they’ve broached here at The Anxious Bench.

• If you’ve read my posts and wondered just how nasally and Minnesotan my voice is, you can listen to me on a variety of podcasts on the Live from AC2nd network, including a sports history pod called The 252. That series is on hiatus for the summer, but next month I’m planning to post some “micro-pod” versions of my Pietist Schoolman Podcast, as I lead a group of adults on a European tour of sites related to the two world wars.

• Many of us write periodically for a variety of publications, but a couple of us have regular writing gigs beyond the Bench. About once a month, Philip writes about the church in the Global South for The Christian Century. Recent columns have visited countries like the Philippines, Mexico, and Algeria. Then I keep a personal blog, The Pietist Schoolman, that normally has two or three posts a week. (As usual, it’s been a bit quieter as the academic year ends for me and grading looms. But things will pick up again over the summer.)

• Finally, I have to report that John has given in and joined Twitter. He explained himself in amending his Anxious Bench bio: “Until March 2019, you could not follow him unless you found him in person. Then he signed up for Twitter to plead with United Airlines to look for an item left on a plane. @johngturner2020.”

While he has yet to add a photo to his account, John is already a far livelier Twitter follow than me. Here’s a sampling of recent tweets, some of which give you a glimpse into the completion of his manuscript on the history of the Plymouth Colony:

You can also follow BethKristin, and David on Twitter.

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