How Can I Compete With This?

How Can I Compete With This? June 25, 2012

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  • Junie B. Jones

    You really want to compete with your kid?

    • bellagrazi

      Junie B. Jones – WTF?! What the hell is the matter with you? You take a perfectly innocent comment and make a big deal out of it. Do us all a favor, up your meds.

    • Now Junie, don’t B so testy! What she probably wants to do is slap you for being rude, but instead, she makes cute captions for her photos.

    • Emma Lora

      you were taking a stab at humor… right?

  • blackbird

    It’s his posture, Tripp has a good lifting stance, that’s hard to beat.

  • Misty

    Not in the cute department…sorry Bristol! 🙂

    • Are U Lost… ?

    • Emma Lora

      Absolutely super cute!! One tuff little dude. Great photo. Looing forward to your show tonite!!

    • Emma Lora

      Sorry you are in a bad mood Misty. If you can’t see cute in this, you won’t be able to see cute in much of anything. How sad. I hope life will look up for you soon. Hang in there and don’t let negative outlooks have such control over you.

      • Emma…I’m pretty sure Misty was saying that Bristol couldn’t compete against his cuteness. Hang in there and don’t let being so judgmental have such control over you.

    • LMA

      There is a big possibility that you all are misreading Misty’s comment. Bristol asked, “How can I compete with this?” Misty’s response implies that Tripp is so cute, Bristol can’t compete with him. It’s probably meant to be a nice sentiment…even if awkwardly delivered.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Liftin’ & pumping that iron! HOOAH!!! STRONG! Another Palin!

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, super cute! Hahahahaha Baby muscles. : )

  • Did he pick it up? My guess is, if he didn’t that time, he will soon. I can see the drive to do so there. 😉 Kinda amazed at the negative comments here. For those who dislike EVERYTHING Palin …. go somewhere else; preferably some place that makes you all shiny and happy. Hate is very unattractive. Political disagreements I can see in the right arena, but insulting the picture of a child? Really? LOL

  • Bruce O’H.

    Great picture 🙂

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Best watch out Bristol, the boy is building himself looking to the future, just case the situation comes up that you need to be corrected.

  • Grace McGovern

    Aw, such a cutie pie. You are so blessed.

  • CIP

    If you wanted to do Tripp a favor, you’d let him see his father.

    • liberty

      CIP you are an IDIOT

  • Georgia

    No one can compete with that adorable son of yours. He is so cute, Bristol!!!!!

  • Jose

    he seems very strong!!

  • jr
  • susie

    Very cute

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol 🙂
    He’s not lifting it – just returning it to its gravitational resting state. And he does have good olympic posture.
    The look says: Ok Mom, did you get the picture, I told you I was strong, believe me now?
    Move over Bristol he’ll take over the cuteness scenes going forward – LOL.
    The hater trolls sure do waste alot of time trying to disparage you. I can’t imagine spending my free time going to somebody’s blog that I despise much less typing out a comment. Maybe it’s love/hate. Thay hate to love you so much.

  • Jasmine

    Haha, he’s so cute Bristol!!

  • Dawn

    Just turned on her new show for the first time and she is at a restaurant with her sister and Trip. The poparrazzi is there and she makes a comment that no one should have to live like this! She wants a normal life. She could! Get off reality TV and she would easily blend into the wood work.

  • David Dempsey

    Great Photo, Bristol. May be a future Olympian.

  • Misty

    Bristol. The show skips so much. Could you give a timeline on your next blog?
    How long were you in L.A. before going to AK?

  • Melanie

    I’m sorry that you deal with so much scrutiny, but you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and obviously you love your son and family very much. Who could criticize that? Something you said stuck with me. It was about your poor choice in a father for your child. I’m here to say that regret is a waste of energy. I had a baby at age 19. I too, chose what turned into be a very disappointing role model for my daughter. She is now 22, a college student, well adjusted and happy. We did it alone and that is something to be proud of. I know with love and support of your family, everything will be fine. I’m sure you already know it’s Levi’s loss. Some day he will crave the respect and love from his son and it may not be there.
    Believe it or not, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but I find your family endearing. We all just need to understand and accept each other’s differences. I don’t know why people are hating on your show, maybe because its not focusing on pretentious housewives or ignorant drunk guidos. Stay positive. You’re great!

  • SingleMomLongAgo

    Hi Bristol,
    Although you and I have differing political views, I believe we have the struggle of being a twenty-year-old single unwed single mother in common. My heart goes out to you as you navigate life with your son and experience the impact of his father’s absence.
    You are brave and courageous for putting your life on television. What I want you to know is that it does get better. Twenty years ago I was in a similar place (except not on television). I fought with my son’s father every time he picked him for a visit, which I was certain would have a lasting negative affect on my sweet little boy. I was tempted to keep him away. I thought he did not need his dad but I was wrong and I am glad to say God knew best.
    In my heart I knew my son would be a better man having known his dad. Through our growing pains, God shielded my son and today at the age of 20 (soon to be 21) he is working and in college. Over five years, his father and I learned to get along. He spent the first ten years of his life with me and the second ten with his father and is better for the choice we made to co-parent.
    You are doing the right thing each and every time you reach out to his father. If your son chooses to seek his father out when he gets older he can never blame you for his father choices. You have the sweetest relationship with your son. In one of your episodes, you said God sent your son to you. You are right!
    I recommend you read “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Church. It gave me a new perspective on God’s purpose for me, my son and his father. I now know God intended for me and father to be his parents. Read Day 2 ” You Are Not an Accident” at it will transform your life and make the journey of being a mom easier.
    Your family is in my prayers and I wish you all the happiness and joy I have been blessed to experience. By the way in 2001, I met the man God chose for me to spend my life with and married him in 2003. We will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary next year! It does in fact get better…

    Sincerely, SingleMomLongAgo

    • Brandi Bernethy

      Wow, well written and great advice!

  • Joseppi

    Saw your show last night and had to make an observation.
    You knew Levi did not want to be on your reality show.
    He refused to be filmed even when offered $10,000.
    Yet you still told Tripp his father would show up to play with him, when he never said he would be there. That is so wrong to set your child up for that kind of disappointment ON PURPOSE!
    Not to mention all the bad mouthing of Tripp’s father right in front of Tripp!
    No matter your personal feelings for Levi, to do that to your own kid is despicable.
    This show is really opening my eyes to your parenting skills. I used to think that you always had
    Tripp’s best interest at heart, and that Levi was not stepping up as a father. There is a custody agreement and if he wanted his child on his days there is nothing you could do to stop him, so he is at fault for not seeing his kid.
    After watching you in action, I have changed my mind about your maturity level as a mother.
    You need to stop, because the only one you are hurting is Tripp, and frankly you could lose custody for that kind of behavior. The courts hate that.

    • Kathy

      I agree with you. Evidently making money is more important to Bristol than the welfare of her son.

    • PoppySock

      Horrible parenting – it’s a learned trait. Poor Tripp!

      Shame on the Palins and shame on Lifetime!

      • me here


    • Chris in Ottumwa

      Really? Thats what you got from the show? Guess you must have showed up with an agenda then because what I and I think most others saw was a young mom trying to do the best for her son and involve the dad because dads are very important to a child especially sons.

      • Joseppi

        Really, that’s what I got. I have sisters who are not together with the fathers of their children and they would never do to their children what Bristol did to Tripp. Sorry but it’s wrong, and it’s also evidence for court. Levi is going to use it.

    • Truth101

      I think Brsitol wanted Ricky Hollywood in front of the cameras for a lot of reasons and none had to do with being Tripp’s deadbeat dad. Would you appear in front of camera if you were Ricky Hollywood and just wrote a book of lies about the mother of your child and her family for money. Would you?

  • Carol

    How about an episode where Tripp spends a day with Levi and mommy stays home. THAT WOULD REIGN IN THOSE RATINGS!

    • Truth101

      How about an episode with Ricky Hollywood and all his babies?

  • Paulette

    Look at his wrinkled nose….how cute!!! Great pic!

  • Kathy

    Cry, Whine & then Cry some more. Talk trash about Levi in front of Tripp. That is a good way to screw Tripp up. Why care about Tripp when you put more value on trashing Levi on TV. I feel sorry for Tripp who did nothing to deserve this. As creepy as it sounds, you act as if you miss Levi. Gino is no catch. But hey, he is an uneducated pipe line worker. Guess he reminds you of your father.

  • Jinky

    Lifetime’s ‘Bristol Palin’s Life’s a Tripp’ 10pm: 586,000 viewers, 0.2 adults 18-49 rating; 10:30p 426,000 viewers, 0.2 adults 18-49 rating

    • John “The Snake” Roberts

      Wow, still crushed CNN, maybe we should move her over there…………..

  • Lucille

    Not trying to get in your business but there’s reports that your ex bf Kyle Massey is suing you? Did you really date him??

    • jojo

      Kyle had a gf…even while on dwts. She sat with his mom and brother every week 🙂 Bristol was with Gino. How can people think she was “involved” with Mark, but dating Kyle? Sigh…..people over thinking things again.

  • lilllly

    Trash Levi on national TV & tell America your are a good Mother. You have harmed Tripp for his life. Why?, I guess you want money because being “famous” is going to die very rapidly with the way you treat Tripp. No one, regardless of their point of view, will watch your show & think better of you. Shame on you.

  • AngieC

    I was a big supporter of the Palin’s. I was disappointed when I recorded the show to watch. These days you have to preview everything before showing it to your family. I think that Bristol has an opportunity to make an impact, but with having a “potty” mouth, it doesn’t set for a good role model. It is also not a good testimony. I pray she will redeem herself , grow, and bloom where she is planted. Would be a waste to have this opportunity and not use it properly. Thankful that God is a God of Grace and Mercy. I pray Bristol will consider her testimony and be salt and light. I would like to see Bristol praying and training her son, doing her personal devotions and growing through this experience….We don’t expect perfection, we all make mistakes. Question is: Are you learning from these mistakes?

  • Patti


    I have read many of the comments here and it is funny to me how many people feel they have the right to cast judgment. We all make mistakes and for anyone of us to judge someone else when we all know our own sin is unforgivable. I applaud you for putting yourself out there and allowing people into your personal life. That takes a lot of guts. It takes even more to look at yourself and then thoughtfully consider the mistakes you make. I wonder if these people who are condemning you would do so well in a public forum. Bravo to you and your family. You and your family are a great inspiration to the rest of us conservative, pro life Christian Americans who are looking for a flicker of hope in the midst of the devastation we are now facing from the Liberal Democratic will that has been forced upon us during this administration. I very much enjoy your show and we watch it as a family with the understanding that you are trying to do the best you can.

    My entire family watched your mom’s show as well and are still hoping to someday make the trip to Alaska to see the beautiful country and possibly even meet your family in person.

    You and your entire family are in our prayers.


  • John Jay

    I think I know what the next Palin reality show spin-off is going to be:

    “Tripp is a Headcase”- follow the adventures of young Tripp Palin as he goes to a child psychologist to deal with the lingering after-effects of growing up amongst a bunch of preening, self-absorbed media junkies, and being bounced from one reality-show to another. Tripp Palin- he exists for your entertainment and Bristol’s financial enrichment. Watch, while a clinical psychologist and him try to sort it all out. Coming to Lifetime, this Fall….

    • Morgan

      Really, you are going to throw a child under the bus like this?! Grow up, Tripp has a family who loves him and will support him. You don’t see this kind of negative light on Obama’s kids, and their parents are far more messed up than Bristol. Think before you speak you ignorant fool.

    • Barbara Gibson

      Ignorance is bliss. I am proud of my grandchildren and would love to have the ability to document/share adorable pictures such as this. Bristol has taken a less than perfect situation (single motherhood) and done respectable things to support her son and provide for his future. She is a bright woman doing what it takes to support Tripp on her own…no handouts or assistance. Stop attacking her simply because of her last name.

  • Mpalmer77

    Aw cute. My weightlifting husband got a kick out of this one!