Watch: Andra Day’s (spoiler-ish!) music video for Ben-Hur

Watch: Andra Day’s (spoiler-ish!) music video for Ben-Hur August 2, 2016


Ben-Hur now has three — not one, not two, but three — music videos to its name.

Three weeks ago, For King & Country released a video for ‘Ceasefire’, a song that was used in one of the film’s trailers; and then, two weeks ago, Mary Mary released a video for ‘Back to You’ that had some spoiler-ish footage from the end of the movie.

And now, Andra Day has released a video for ‘The Only Way Out’ — and it happens to use some of the same spoiler-ish footage that we saw in the ‘Back to You’ video.

If the spoiler-ish stuff doesn’t bother you, you can watch the new video here:

‘Ceasefire’ and ‘The Only Way Out’ will both be on an album of songs inspired by the film coming August 19. (Curiously, ‘Back to You’ will not be on that album.)

The studio has also released a few new TV spots since yesterday’s news round-up:

August 8 update: Paramount now has a behind-the-scenes video on Andra Day:

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here:

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