Donald Trump Couldn’t Pass the Citizenship Test. Can You?

Donald Trump Couldn’t Pass the Citizenship Test. Can You? August 15, 2016

Today, Senator Harry Reid challenged Donald J. Trump to take a naturalization test.

Can you pass the Grace is Messy U.S. Citizenship test?

Here’s what Harry Reid said, “Since Donald Trump wants to impose new tests on immigrants, he should take the one test every immigrant has to pass to become a United States citizen. He would almost certainly fail, given his general ignorance and weak grasp of basic facts about American history, principles and functioning of our government.”

Harry Reid had some pretty harsh (read: honest and friggin’ hilarious) things to say about the Republican nominee (read the full story here). It’s refreshing to see other National leaders call Trump out for being the jackass he really is. I’d love to see Trump’s score on a naturalization test.

My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take an online naturalization quiz. I thought I’d score poorly, but I actually scored 96%!

Since I had so much fun, I created a quiz just for you. If you’d like to test yourself, answer the following 15 questions without cheating (no Google!) and leave your score in the comments!

Click CONTINUE to take the quiz:

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