August 31, 2018

We are an online community of people seeking a safe space for discussion and fellowship within the often-toxic realm of Facebook. We are at least somewhat spiritual, and we may or may not be religious. We may also disagree about the meaning of either of those terms. Read more

August 25, 2018

Our use of exclusively male pronouns for God has allowed us to subconsciously fall into thinking of God as primarily, if not exclusively, male. But we need to find new ways of referring to God that do not perpetuate this unbalanced image. Read more

August 3, 2018

I think I’ve just pinpointed, for myself, why I so value Christian “orthodoxy,” even though I strongly disagree with much of how it came about. Read more

July 3, 2018

In Divine Echoes, Mark Karris tackles our understanding of petitionary prayer in light of the essential kenosis understanding of God. If God is already acting as lovingly as possible, then what exactly are we asking to happen when we pray? Read more

June 19, 2018

In the beginning was Love. Love was with God, and Love was God, for God is Love. Everything came into being through Love, and nothing came into being without her. All things were created through Love and for Love. Love is before all things, and in her all things are held together. Read more

May 31, 2018

Based on your responses, here are the 25 hymns most loved by progressive Christians—and we sure do love our hymns! I was surprised by a few of these. Read more

May 28, 2018

Check out the video of Keith’s talk (along with a brief appearance by yours truly), and be sure to grab Keith’s new book, Jesus Unbound, when it releases on July 4 of this year! Read more

May 23, 2018

The small conference I attended this past weekend may not represent American Christians on the whole, yet it is consistent with where much of the conservative church in America appears to be heading. Read more

May 9, 2018

I love the hymns I sang as a child, but so many of them are problematic. If you’re a progressive Christian who still appreciates hymns, then I’d like to hear from you. Read more

April 16, 2018

For any fans of science fiction and theology, I’d like to draw your attention to a new podcast I’m a part of, along with fellow-Patheos-blogger Keith Giles, plus Jennifer Neyhart and John Weldy. Read more

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