Michigan’s Dilemma | Red vs. Blue?

Michigan’s Dilemma | Red vs. Blue? May 15, 2020

Real research, Rush Limbaugh, Monty Python, Red vs. Blue analysis, and a call for revival, all in one article.  Has this whole thing become more complicated because of some governmental tug-of-war . . . Red vs. Blue?  I really do not like to draw party lines, so I’ll let others lead the way this week.


  • Monmouth University polls
  • Rush’s rant
  • Fake news?
  • National Governors Association
  • States that have begun to reopen
  • States that have a plan and a start date
  • No date yet to reopen
  • Not on the radar
  • Regional partnerships
  • Let’s play a little Red vs. Blue
  • Michigan’s Dilemma | Red vs. Blue?
  • Crossroads
  • Michigan’s Dilemma series

Monmouth University polls

According to Monmouth’s recent polls, Democrats think everything is worse during this time in about every category.  It’s almost laughable.

For instance, have more Democrats lost jobs, just because they’re Democrats?  Are we all reporting on the same country here?

There’s at least a 10 point difference in most of these categories, between the way Republicans and Democrats are reporting.  However, many of these questions require yes or no answers, and are supposed to be objective questions.

Maybe there are two different realities in America right now, or at least two different ideologies or worldviews.

To read the article and look at the charts for yourself CLICK HERE

This is the third in a series of polls each month, with similar findings.  As a Pastor and Supervised Therapist, I’m actually moved.  I’m really questioning the philosophical underpinnings of an ideology that can lead so many to have a bleak outlook at best, or perhaps even the angst of despair.

Rush’s rant

I was seriously studying this topic in more depth at the beginning of the week, hoping to do a piece on the Red and Blue states, their governors, and their plans.  Then I found a video in which Rush Limbaugh essentially communicates what I was attempting to research.

This is an article with a clip of a video by Rush that has seemingly gone viral.  This video clip is only about 6 minutes 15 seconds, but it contains the heart of what he’s getting across, the strict lines that are being drawn during this time, states and their governors, Red vs. Blue.

To read the article CLICK HERE

To watch the complete program on Rush’s channel CLICK HERE

Fake news?

Would Rush Limbaugh fall into the category of fake news?  Is his opinion valid?  After all, he is unashamedly Republican.

My response would be that it is probably true that most, if not every, major news source leans either Red or Blue.  Take time to decide which voice you want to hear.

I would say that Rush has proven that he has something to bring to the table of political discussions for decades now in America, no matter one’s party line.

Here’s an exercise that someone recommended.  Set your car radio presets to local AM talk radio stations.  I’m sure you’ll easily find a station that supports the Democrat platform and another that supports the Republican platform.  Switch back and forth between the two presets.  You’ll probably be amazed at the vast differences on each station during this time.

To make things perfectly clear as to how the news is handling everything, my dad found this clip from Monty Python.  I hope it clears everything up for you as well (1 min 16 seconds).

National Governors Association

The research I was looking into was mainly found on the National Governors Association (N.G.A.) website.  Twice per week, a chart is updated tracking how each state is responding to the virus.

To take a look at N.G.A.’s chart CLICK HERE

For my purposes, I have been tracking states that have started to re-open, or states with an announced date to start reopening.

There are plenty of states with “plans,” but no date to reopen.

Then there are also states that are probably not reporting to N.G.A.

I’ve tracked Democrat and Republican governors in each category.

States that have begun to reopen

This is a list of the states that currently have a plan and have begun to reopen.  This does not mean that everything is back to normal, but it does mean that the states are implementing a plan.


1 Alaska, Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Republican

2 Oklahoma, Gov. Kevin Stitt, Republican


3 Montana, Gov. Steve Bullock, Democrat


4 Idaho, Gov. Brad Little, Republican

5 Maine, Gov. Janet Mills, Democrat

6 New Mexico, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democrat

7 Tennessee, Gov. Bill Lee, Republican


8 Indiana, Gov. Eric Holcomb, Republican

9 Kansas, Gov. Laura Kelly, Democrat

10 Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson, Republican

11 Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine, Republican


12 Washington, Gov. Jay Inslee, Democrat

States that have a plan and a start date


13 Nevada, Gov. Steve Sisolek, Democrat


14 Utah, Gov. Gary Herbert, Republican

No date yet to reopen

These are states that do not have a date to start reopening yet.  In all fairness, some of them may be starting to implement regional plans within the state.

15 California, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Democrat

16 Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis, Democrat

17 Deleware, Gov. John Carney, Democrat

18 Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican

19 Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Democrat

20 Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear, Democrat

21 Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards, Democrat

22 Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan, Republican

23 Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Democrat

24 New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy, Democrat

25 New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Democrat

26 North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper, Democrat

27 North Dakota, Gov. Doug Burgum, Republican

28 Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown, Democrat

29 Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf, Democrat

30 Rhode Island, Gov. Gina Raimondo, Democrat

31 South Dakota, Gov. Kristi Noem, Republican

32 Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott, Republican

33 Vermont, Gov. Phil Scott, Republican

34 Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam, Democrat

35 West Virginia, Gov. Jim Justice, Republican

36 Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers, Democrat

37 Wyoming, Gov. Mark Gordon, Republican

Not on the Radar

The following states do not have a plan listed with the N.G.A.  This does not mean that they have no plan, but only that it is not part of the N.G.A. clearinghouse.  Therefore, I really can’t look at this list with any ability to grasp what is taking place in these states.

38 Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey, Republican

39 Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Republican

40 Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican

41 Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp, Republican

42 Hawaii, Gov. David Ige, Democrat

43 Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds, Republican

44 Massachussets, Gov. Charlie Baker, Republican

45 Mississippi, Gov. Tate Reeves, Republican

46 Nebraska, Gov. Pete Ricketts, Republican

47 New Hampshire, Gov. Chris Sununu, Republican

48 South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster, Republican

Regional partnerships

The following states are in regional partnerships of one type or another, influencing their decisions in this time.

Western States Pact: California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

Northeast Multi-State Council to Get People Back to Work and Restore the Economy: Deleware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island . . .

and 49 Connecticut, Gov. Ned Lamont, Democrat

Midwest Partnership to Reopen Regional Economy: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin . . .

and 50 Minnesota, Gov. Tim Walz, Democrat

Let’s play a little Red vs. Blue

To analyze the plans that each state has is beyond the scope of this article.  However, I can point out some things . . . facts that leave questions unanswered.

In the states that have already started reopening, 7 are Red and 5 are Blue.

This is a little stronger number to consider.  In the states that claim to have a “plan,” but do not have a start date: 8 are Red but 15 are Blue.

Practically speaking, what good is a plan without a date?

By the numbers, why have more Republican governors started officially reopening their states?

Why have almost twice as many Democrat governors put forward a “plan” without a start date?

Michigan’s Dilemma | Red vs. Blue?

As stated above, the Midwest Partnership to Reopen Regional Economy includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Take a look again at which states in this alliance have reopened.  Yes, the states with Republican governors have reopened, the Red states, Indiana and Ohio.

We haven’t heard any official reopening dates from the four Blue states, with Democrat governors.

To make matters more complicated to understand, Indiana and Ohio are the two southern border states of Michigan.  Why is Michigan claiming to be part of this alliance again if we have such a vastly different approach?

I intentionally leave a question mark after Red vs. Blue? because this is not my area of specialty.  However, I would hate to think that party lines have become the basis for the decisions that whole states are making in our union.

I would hate to think that some, not all, Democrats are making matters look worse during an election year.

California, Michigan, New York, and Virginia seem to be making news all the time, and perhaps things are worse in these locales.  Their reports and restrictions seem to be worse.  All the governors in these states are Democrats.  Also, all of them have a “plan” with no start date for reopening.


I’m looking forward to the moment when I will no longer sense the Lord’s leading, perhaps His unction, to write political material.  It is not a discipline that I’m well-acquainted with.  I have philosophy and ethics coursework as part of my Theology and counseling psychology training, but it is not political journalism.

I also look forward to the day when America will come to a crossroads.  Perhaps we’re there now and don’t know it.  Maybe it’s time for all of our arguments from every discipline under the sun to fall to the ground.

Could we be witnessing a historical crux between American history and Christian history?

Crossroads in America
JVI | Crossroads in America | 05.14.20

To put it another way, could this be a moment in our generation when America finds herself at the foot of the Cross again?

For a broader perspective, I encourage you to pray with UNITE714

It’s a global movement with ideas for prayer and fasting every week.  We’ve just turned a corner.  We’ve all been praying for an answer to COVID-19.  Now the leaders worldwide are saying that revival and renewal is on the horizon.  Take a look at their encouragement and prayer guides for your home, friends, and congregation.

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