Election Day 2020 Open Thread

Election Day 2020 Open Thread November 3, 2020

At long last, the day has finally arrived. Election Day.

There’s not much left to say that hasn’t been said already. If you are a qualified voter and haven’t already, go vote. If you are volunteering today, either as an election official or driving voters to the polls or in some other capacity, thank you. For everyone else … today feels like an eternal waiting game.

I’ve had elections where I worried about who would win—that is to be expected!—but I’ve never had an election where I was this nervous about the strength of our democratic process, and I hope we never will again.

We need to vote Trump out, and we need to do so decisively. We need to reject not only Trump but also his whole coterie of sycophants and his political style. We will not be able to do this as decisively as I would like, even if all goes well—a shockingly large number of Americans are still all-in with Trump’s autocratic politics and strong-man narcissism. But we must still do everything we can.

Today, I give you this open thread. All election talk, surmising, news, hypothesizing, and analysis welcome. And hugs and puppies too.

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