The Duggar Story – Thoughts and LInks

The Duggar Story – Thoughts and LInks June 6, 2015

But I am drained and a little bit edgy on this. I walked into church this morning, trying to hold my composure together. One of my pastors, who is also a professional counselor, immediately hurried over. “Virginia, I saw all the comments you have made on Facebook about the Duggar story. I want to let you know I am so proud of you. That was courageous.” I burst into tears as he assured me that this is important, that my voice needs to be heard, and that sadly, so many Christians still just don’t “get it” about abuse. Our senior pastor has also often responded this way to my blogs and FB interactions on abuse. I am so thankful for their timely kindness and encouragement. They know. They care. We need more like them.

Here are some others, just a few of the bloggers whose reason and compassion are evident:

Finally, here are some of the articles I have already written which relate to this post in some way:

Grace and peace,

Virginia Knowles

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