Is Biblical Gender Roles a Big Hoax?

Is Biblical Gender Roles a Big Hoax? October 30, 2015

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We quote Biblical Gender Roles here at NLQ at least once a week because of his over the top assertions about the Bible and how wives owe their husbands sex upon demand. Now comes allegations that he’s not real, that it’s one gigantic hoax perpetrated on the world by one Matt Perkins, biblical studies scholar and non-Christian.  Apparently Matt Perkins is also a fake name, like the fake name of Larry Solomon that BGR’s goes by. So says Unsettled Christianity in  a post titled a word of caution on Biblical Gender Roles.

Have to admit the possibility of BGR being a random troll trying to stir up people’s emotions has been something I’ve considered. At least when he first appeared because the things he said were just so strangely beyond even the insanity of people like Michael Pearl or John Piper and pals. But as he’s defended what he’s said, continued posting and been consistent in his assertions many of us have accepted that BGR was unfortunately a real guy posting his genuine beliefs.

UC doesn’t have any real evidence that would hold up in court that BGR is this Matt Perkins who is also someone else. It’s all rumors on the back channel and his reposting of BGR’s blog posts, which many of us have reposted. That doesn’t mean anyone reposting BGR’s blog posts is him. I know I’m not.

But it would be all sorts of hysterically funny and almost cruel if this is true, because it exposes the hateful honey badgers posting on BGR’s comments and others that hold even more irrational views. It would be some masterful Olympic gold medal level trolling if it turns out BGR is a farce.

What are your thoughts on this?

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