How To Encourage Your Husband: Part 5 Verbalize – Tell The World

How To Encourage Your Husband: Part 5 Verbalize – Tell The World May 11, 2017

Today’s bit is about bragging about your husband to others – Tell the World.

This is a series looking at the marriage advice given in Nancy Campbell’s book ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’.

While packing for a move I have turned up are books, terrible idiotic books filled with toxic advice. One of those books is by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies ‘How to Encourage Your Husband’. I think I ended up with this book in the aftermath of leaving my old church, given to me by one of my former friends that thought it would ‘help’ my marriage since in her eyes my husband leaving our old church meant that I wasn’t doing my job of wife well enough. Reading through this book now I cannot help but laugh at some of the suggestions. The book is entirely written by commenters and comments from Nancy Campbell’s website.

Tell The World

I have to compliment my husband, especially in front of him when I tell my friends the wonderful things he does for me. I like to brag what a blessing it is for me that he works hard so I can stay at home, how sweet he is, and how he is the best at everything.

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  • Aloha

    He works so hard at his 9-5 desk job. Then I get the immense privilege of staying home to change diapers, mow the lawn, bake bread, clean the bathrooms, grocery shop, vacuum, homeschool the kids, wash dishes, cook, make babies, read stories, do laundry, iron, and sew.

    I’m so thankful to him for giving me this easy life.

  • AFo

    All I’m getting here is “abuse victim trying to convince the rest of the world that everything’s fine.”

  • Jim Jones

    Sounds like a Trump supporter.

  • Jim Jones
  • Delilah Hart

    If a guy is really a half-decent person, I imagine he would be embarrassed by such fanfare.

  • Delilah Hart

    Judging by all the advice Nancy Campbell gives, it would seem to me that she feels she can’t be truly herself with Colin and that she has to constantly wear a mask. If you can’t feel free to just be yourself around your spouse, then what kind of marriage do you have?