Quoting Quiverfull: Defending Doug Wilson’s Sexual Abuse Advice?

Quoting Quiverfull: Defending Doug Wilson’s Sexual Abuse Advice? May 23, 2017

quotingquiverfullby Anonymous from Women Freed – I Don’t Mind

Editor’s note: Obviously with every group, toxic or harmless, there will always be supporters that will behave like blood-lust crazed weasels when their sacred totem is dissed in any way. This site – Women Freed – is just that, the defense squad of women of Doug Wilson’s Christ Church in far-flung Moscow, Idaho, read to pounce on those that see the illogical and harm in his ego-centrist version of theology.

Please forgive me if I go extra-sarcastic today while looking at the ideas of the brain-washed ladies of Wilson’s personal cheer squad. Women defending abusers always make me furious for their blindness.

Pastor Wilson wrote this post about how a false accuser might use the social capital of victimhood to get sympathy and hide her guilt.

Remember all those posts about Potiphar’s wife, ripper of loincloths, lusting for slave-dong and false accuser when she’s turned down Doug did a few months back? This all is in response to most everyone outside of their little group reacting with appropriate horror and disgust to Wilson’s ideas.

A good chunk of the reactions, in varying degrees of shrillness, denounced the dastardly Doug for thus blaming and shaming victims of sexual abuse and assault. And a good chunk of those reactions made blanket statements supposedly on behalf of all victimized women, who must all be feeling so very hurt and attacked by the post.

None of the reactions I saw at media outlets such as Raw Story seemed to be about women feeling hurt and attacked by the post. The writer misunderstands that most everyone that reacted negatively to Wilson’s words because of the unseemliness of projecting what he thought they were thinking to self-justify their bad actions. NOT blaming sexual assault victims outright, but wandering into a mental space that does no one any good to be exploring.

It’s extremely revealing of the dismissal and diminishing of the female readers of Wilson’s almost thought-porn who felt repulsed by his words to claim they are ‘Shrill’

Well, let me just say I wish y’all would stop pretending to speak for me as if my reading comprehension is so poor. Potiphar’s wife was a false accuser, and false accusers offend me the way Rachel Dolezal offends real black people. They also do worse damage to the cause of true victims. I don’t mind in the least when someone rebukes them.

Not once that I observed did anyone say that they were speaking for ALL women. We certainly have never claimed to be the voice of all women here at NLQ. Raw Story and other outlets never made that claim either. You are clearly projecting your own deepest fears onto others. There are far fewer ‘false accusers’ of sexual assault than you are claiming too. Take a look at the statistics at legitimate sources on those numbers, not the ones your personal cult leader spins up out of thin air with no proof. Legitimate sources or its just fantasy to future your own agenda. The statistics show that the number is around 5.9% according to the Lisak Study.

False accusers of sexual assault and rape are prosecuted in the courts when it comes to light that they have lied. And so it should be. The only thing you and I agree on is that false accusers do harm to us all.

In a follow up post, Pastor Wilson went iconoclast on the false goddess Feminism, who purports to offer help and healing to victims, but actually destroys their souls. I don’t mind in the least when somebody exposes idols and points me to the glorious gospel of the one true God who can and does save, heal, and free me.

The only ‘response’ or follow up by Wilson I’ve seen is his exploration of how a male rapist thinks from his perspective. The justifications for rape by Amnon are certainly no glorification of any type of feminism in any way. How is feminism a false goddess? It does not demand worship. It does not limit women into a small narrow tiny box. It does not even insist that everyone thinks or acts the same way. It’s a broader way of thinking that allows women to decide if they want to be a stay at home mother, work outside the home or any other horizon that a woman feels led to try. If you are going to toss around words like feminism it might behoove you to do real research into what it is instead of parroted the ignorant words of your cult leader, a guy so screwed up that he sees nothing wrong with practicing racism against blacks and marrying young women off to convicted sexual predators.

What I do mind is people purporting to talk for me and saying things I don’t believe. I mind people attacking my church family. I mind my testimony, and the testimony of my sisters on this blog, being given little weight because we don’t feel the need to scream in everyone’s faces. Well, let me raise my voice just a decibel or two and say, when you slander our leaders, you are calling us liars, and  you are the ones who are refusing to hear the voices of victims. That I mind.

Disagreeing with the words of Doug Wilson does not mean anyone is calling the people in his flock liars. If anything we’re worried about all of you under the authority and discipline of someone that has ideas that will harm you, or possibly put you in further harms way. Our greatest wish for you here at No Longer Quivering is that you find a place to be whole, without the threat of spiritual abuse, with protection against those that seek to manipulate and exploit you. That you see the great harm that has come to those who’ve placed their well-being in the hands of those who only seek to further their own agendas without any regard for you and your spiritual needs. If anything this site is filled with a multitude of voices of those who have been victims. We hear them. You, however, do not. I pray that changes before it’s too late.

Now with all that being said, if you chose to interact with us in the comment section please read the rules first and respect them. NLQ is a recovery community and we try not to allow the kind of blaming and shaming dialogue that triggers those who have been harmed by those like Doug Wilson.

QUOTING QUIVERFULL is a regular feature of NLQ – we present the actual words of noted Quiverfull leaders, cultural enforcers and those that seek to keep women submitted to men and ask our readers: What do you think? Agree? Disagree? This is the place to state your opinion. Please, let’s keep it respectful – but at the same time, we encourage readers to examine the ideas of Quiverfull and Spiritual Abuse honestly and thoughtfully.

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