News – Duggars, Toby Willis and More

News – Duggars, Toby Willis and More July 12, 2017

newsA lot of things have happened in the last few days that I would usually put in their own posts, but I’m combining them all in one long post.

New Law Suit

Josh Duggar has dropped off his sister’s lawsuit against In Touch Weekly and various law enforcement agencies and filed his own separate lawsuit. He’s suing because local agencies in the Springdale, Arkansas compiled with a Freedom of Information Act request that released the records of his molestation of his sisters.

More on Josh’s recent legal filings from the Daily Mail.

Jill Duggar Dillard

Jill and Derick Dillard welcomed their second child, son Samuel Scott, who weighed in at a whopping nearly 10 pounds. Jill was in labor for 40 hours before she had another C-section.

More details from People magazine.

There’s a photo of Derick and his new son online and at People, but so far not one photo of Jill has emerged. Many of the Duggar-centric sites have commenters wondering why this is considering she did appear in photos on People almost immediately after giving birth to her first child. Some are speculating that either the labor and birth didn’t go well and Jill is recovering, or perhaps she may have had to have a hysterectomy. I don’t know, but hope all is well and Jill just does not feel up to smiling for the camera.

Toby Willis Sentenced

This morning TLC star Toby Willis pled guilty to charges of child rape. The judge sentenced him to two forty year terms of incarceration and two twenty-five year terms. He’s not going to be eligible to leave prison until he’s in his late 80s.

More on the case from The Tennessean

Another Baby?

Zsuzsanna Anderson, wife of hate-mongering, gay-bashing IFB pastor Steven Anderson announced she is expecting baby #10 on her blog this week.

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  • SAO

    Good riddance to Willis. I suspect Josh will discover that molesters don’t get many privacy protections.

    If Jill’s had 2 C-sections, she is either going to start using birth control or have a tragic maternity incident in the future. Hopefully, she’ll decide God is speaking to her through her doctor.

  • Duane Locsin

    “baby #10 ” keep shooting out those Christian babies!!!
    quantity of the family, not quality.

    who cares about the financial impact and added responsibilies to raise children with morals….like empathy and “treating others like you want to be treated”

    who cares about the impact of a 7 billion + and growing population – environmental resources, shrinking jobs-growing population and less access to good education/increased cost of privatized education.

    At least there are always contracts with networks for “reality” tv shows to pay the large families bills.

  • lady_black

    40 hours of labor, followed by a C-section? I wouldn’t want to smile for the camera, either. I’ll tell you what else I would never do again – get pregnant. Nope, sorry. Two is my limit on C-sections.

  • Eric Young

    nasty all of them

  • paganheart

    40 hours of labor for kid #2 and another C-section? Good grief. Sounds suspiciously like someone attempted a VBAC and things went badly. And if memory serves, Jill’s first baby weighed very nearly 10 pounds as well; having babies that big is not normal or healthy and is often associated with gestational diabetes. I agree with SAO; I think god is trying to tell Jill something…namely, stop having babies unless you want to die in childbirth!!! (Now if only the Andersons would get the same message…)

    Toby Willis got what he deserved, effectively a life sentence. Relatively few men in general live to be 87, and prisoners have shorter than average life spans. Too bad Josh Duggar didn’t get the same… although I won’t be surprised at all if he’s arrested someday, either for molesting another young girl or possession of child porn. Child molesters very seldom reform, and his so-called “treatment” program was a joke. It’s not a matter of if he re-offends, it’s when.

  • Jim Jones

    Are we allowed to use the “It’s a uterus, not a clown car” expression or is that banned now?

  • Tawreos

    He’s a pastor, so guess who will be giving a lot more sermons on tithing.

  • Tawreos

    I don’t really get the Duggar lawsuit. Didn’t the Duggars themselves name which sisters had been molested? I would also have to believe that a police department would know what information can and cannot be released in a FOIA request. It all seems more like a fundraising scam rather than anything else.

    I feel bad for at least one of Anderson’s kids. If the old adage of one in ten holds true one of those kids is going to have an even rougher life than usual growing up under a hate-monger.

  • Saraquill

    I don’t think it’s appropriate here. One of the people at NLQ suffered a ruptured uterus during childbirth due to the C section scars she already had. Making jokes about something similar feels off.

  • Nea

    Poor Zsu. I can’t help but remember that she begged her husband to stop impregnating her, and his response was to sneer at her publicly from the pulpit, make her write a “I was so wrong” blog post, and now this.

    I truly hope she doesn’t go the way of Andrea Yeats.

  • Anonyme

    Jim Bob and Michelle also dragged two of the girls onto ‘The Kelly File’ in an attempt to save the family’s image, so the media not leaving them alone is, at least in part, the parents’ doing.

  • SAO

    On the other hand, people are known to choose partners/sex objects (not sure what the right term is) that don’t match their orientation if the right type isn’t available. Josh may be turned on by underage girls, but he might have chosen his sisters because they were the only “partners” he could find.

  • SAO

    I find it troubling to talk about a woman and her body in that way. Particularly when many women in the CPM are in some ways trapped. Jill was brought up to believe that it’s against God to limit the number of children she has. Zsu obviously doesn’t feel like she has the right to control her body.

    These are people, they deserve more dignity than having their bodies denegrated.

    I think it’s perfectly fair to comment on their choices, but not to insult their bodies.

  • Nightshade

    I’d feel more sorry for her if she weren’t hell-bent on pushing everyone else into her way of life…but yeah, I can’t help feeling bad for her. No one should A. Be forced to live a nearly constant pregnant state, or B. Have to see the Pissing Preacher’s face every day of her life.

  • Val

    I really hope Jill is fine: a 40 hours labor followed by a C-section (the second one) must be very hard. I hope she recovers well.

  • Mel

    I think Jill’s main problem is that she uses an unprofessional midwife model rather than an OB/GYN. A real medical professional would have told her with her first baby that he was breech and recommended either an external version, a planned CS or possibly a vaginal breech birth. Is she getting GD screenings? Who knows?

    I suspect that if she had had a successful version at 37 or 38 weeks and been induced at 41 weeks 1 day at the latest, she might have had her first vaginally. Of course, having the VBAC end in a CS may mean that her pelvis is too narrow to deliver a large 9 pounder – but maybe if her babies were 8.5 pounds.

    You can’t safely labor on a CS scar for 40 hours. Different OB/GYNs have different levels of comfort with VBACs – but you can’t labor on a scarred uterus for that long.

    Get an OB/GYN, Jill. A good one will increase the number of kids you can have safely.

  • Nea

    Isn’t Jill the one with a fake midwife certificate of her own? She’d hardly hire someone who’d be in a position to point out that her vaunted education wasn’t worth the box tops she sent in to get it.

  • Nea

    Sounds suspiciously like someone attempted a VBAC and things went badly.

    That’s very likely what happened. Gothard insists that only vag births are God-approved, and it’s damaging to the Duggar fertility image have problems with labor (although every single one of the daughters now has had such problems).

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I fear for Jill if her labor and delivery went badly enough that she ended up infertile or with a hysterectomy. That’s about that worse thing ever in Quiverfull. She’s in for a rough blaming road if that happened. I’m just relieved to see that the photos of the baby show no signs of possible Zika virus birth defects.

  • Nea

    I regret that actual life experience very likely won’t get Jill free of the Duggar/Gothard brainwashing.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Jill’s first baby weighed very nearly 10 pounds as well; having babies that big is not normal or healthy and is often associated with gestational diabetes.

    It can be. But it doesn’t have to be. My sister was 9 lbs, 12 oz. at birth and she and my mom (and my mom’s pregnancy) were perfectly normal and healthy. Sometimes babies can just be big and it doesn’t indicate anything sinister. They’re hard to get out though and you definitely don’t want to do it without having a real professional around. My mom had an uncomplicated vaginal birth with my sister but she feels strongly that her excellent OB had a lot to do with that.

    As for Josh, the fact that he was an adolescent at the time himself means that there is a greater chance that he’s not actually sexually into children today. I hope that’s the case. As a general rule, I’m not into locking people up and throwing away the key (our carceral state is out of control as it is) but he certainly deserves worse than he got. For one thing, there’s no way he should have been able to keep his wife but it’s not exactly surprising that he did…

  • Lana

    I have nothing good to say about Toby Willis, but I was encouraged that Brenda said it will take the victims even longer to heal than he will be in prison. Meanwhile the Duggars just say “forgive” and “smile on TV.”

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    She’s a nasty piece of work all right but nobody deserves this…

  • Lana

    Josh did not deserve 40 years in prison. I think what Josh did is evil and have zero respect for him. But there is a reason we do not sentence teenagers to years in prison for assault, but do 40 year old men for raping a 9 year old. The tragic part about Josh is that his parents did not corporate with the law and get him professional help. So now his chances of reoffending his own children are much greater. Its awful.

  • Lana

    And there is a small part of me that pities Jill, because she believes this with all her heart, and this belief could kill her. I really hope this is the wake-up that she needs to get out — sort of like Vicki here here eventually had wake up calls through her daughter and difficult pregnancies. People can change, and I hope she changes before its too late.

  • texassa

    The Duggars and those like them are irresponsible for the way they handle prenatal care and delivery. They contradict themselves by consciously shunning modern medicine for childbirth yet rushing to the hospital when things don’t go well. They also take advantage of orthodontics, surgery, etc., why the faux martyrdom when it comes to delivering an innocent baby? I do not wish Jill or any of them ill but with so many botched home births (Jessa, and now Jill x 2), you would think they’d wise up. No, they’re just going to praise the Lord anytime someone isn’t unnecessarily killed in labor.

  • texassa

    People like that desire to be martyrs. “In service to the Lord.” Please, you are putting yourself in danger, not the Lord.

  • LaMaria

    Yourself and your child.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    They are greater if he is, in fact, a pedophile. He might not be. Adolescents who molest children don’t necessarily grow up to be retain a sexual interest in children (and actually, not all adults who sexually abuse children do so because they are pedophiles.) We can hope that Josh isn’t, although it never should haven come to “we can hope.” He needed real intervention back then, regardless. Plus, given his behavior with the sex workers, I don’t at all trust him to not abuse adult women. Which is also not a good thing to do…

    I totally agree about Josh getting 40 years in prison being not the answer though. I always feel a little disturbed at how blithely we throw around incredibly long prison sentences, especially for teenagers. I’m certainly not holding any candlelight vigils for a 40-year-old child rapist but our prison system and the way we use it is insane. There’s nothing “correctional” about it.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    I think that’s particularly likely given the way he was raised–incredibly sexually repressed with no education about sexuality or consent, socially isolated from peers, and with no healthy outlets for expressing sexuality that weren’t considered sinful, like masturbation. It’s a horrible thought but it wouldn’t surprise me if situations like this weren’t relatively common in these kinds of families–hell, Jim-Bob basically said as much and he might be right about something for once. I think it’s very possible that Josh could have experienced puberty in a normal, healthy way that caused no harm to anybody if he hadn’t been raised in such a messed up way.

  • Lana


  • Val

    I’m very sorry for Brenda and the children: discovering that the man they thought to know well committed such a horrible crime must be heartbreaking.
    I appreciate that they show concern for the victims too.

  • Mel

    Oh, I know. But this is one area that she’s forced to make a choice between two deeply held beliefs: “birth is natural and non-medical so I am highly trained” or “I want to birth a billion children”.

    Having multiple C-sections leads to higher probability of risks than multiple vaginal births – but with careful management of reasonable birth spacing, ultrasound monitoring of her uterine scars, following conservative rules for VBACs and having an OB who can discuss the state of her uterus based on what they see during the C-section, she’s in a much safer place and much less likely to kill her baby or herself during the delivery.

    On a related note, Jessa must have lot a ton of blood during her delivery of her first son. I went into my CS expecting multiple transfusions due to HELLP syndrome since my body had destroyed most of my red blood cells. I lost a total of 347mL of blood during the CS and didn’t get any transfusions. (Yay!) If Jessa needed a transfusion, her bleeding had to have been bad….

  • lady_black

    Of course it isn’t always so, but I remember from nursing school that there is a correlation between large babies and gestational diabetes. At the least, it bears careful watching.

  • lady_black

    “Gothard insists that only vag births are God-approved”

    Does he now??? Well I would suggest he get busy birthing babies vaginally, at every opportunity. Meantime, in the real world, C-sections save the lives of babies and women. Mine, and my son’s are just two of many. With a complete placenta previa, I would have died at age 24, followed closely by my son. Neither of us would have a chance.

  • lady_black

    Transfusions are given according to the CBC count. Apparently, that level of blood loss didn’t make you anemic enough to warrant a transfusion. Iron supplements probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

  • Nea

    Unfortunately, you’d lose anyone quiverful at “with careful management of reasonable birth spacing.” It would be nice to know that the real experience of Jill and Jessica’s births could dent their programming, but no.

    It would be even nicer if their OWN MOTHER cared more for the health of her daughters than in upholding Gothard’s commandments, but also, also no. I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s Michelle who is preventing the girls from getting medical intervention earlier in their labor and making sure to top off their brainwashing. It’s not like a dose of reality in the face stopped Michelle from blaming Anna for what Josh has knowingly chosen to do all his life.

  • Nea

    Gothard also thinks that the kind of hair he likes best to fondle is the only godly hairstyle and that if women don’t bake bread every single morning from wheat that they hand ground themselves, they’re poisoning their families. Seriously, day-old bread or even machine-ground wheat is apparently “dead” and all the nutrition fell out.

    I’m assuming that Gothardism is like Scientology; you’ve already bought into what sounds reasonable, so you’re in too deep when the weird stuff comes out.

  • Nea

    Especially as we know the typical Duggar diet is leading the entire family by the hand straight to Type 2 diabetes in the first place.

  • lady_black

    I have no idea what they eat.

  • Nea

    Their diet is heavy on processed food and starches. Apparently “counting the tater tots going into the casserole” was presented onscreen as homeschooling for the wee ones.

  • lady_black

    Tater Tot casserole. LOL.

  • pinkie

    I’ve never liked that nasty stuff, it always comes out way too salty and processed.

  • Mel

    Yup. According to my OB/GYN, I was missing about two pints before the CS based on my RBC from the CBC. I lost about a half-a-pint during my CS.

    I opted to stay on my prenatal vitamins since they had a ton of iron anyways. I was back up to a normal count when I had follow up bloodwork 4 weeks later.

  • lady_black

    Then that was good enough. It’s always best to avoid transfusions when possible. After my hysterectomy, I was put on prescription iron supplements. I ended up giving them away because of the side effects (they’re constipating!), and I couldn’t tolerate pre-natal vitamins for the same reason. I just wouldn’t take them.
    Since I’m no longer menstruating, my hemoglobin is always on the high side of normal. So that took care of that!

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    There’s a wider gap between Jill’s two kids than you’d expect from a young QF wife. I’ve long suspected that she and her husband are using some kind of birth control and sensibly keeping quiet about it. I hope I’m right and that they keep on doing so–at the very least. It’s pretty clear that Jill had better not expect to have 19 kids of her own–I hope she knows that.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    It would be nice to know that the real experience of Jill and Jessica’s births could dent their programming, but no.

    Well, we don’t know that. Jill didn’t get pregnant with her second until nearly a year and a half after her first. And since she seems to have basically gotten pregnant with the first on the honeymoon, it’s clearly not because fertility is a challenge for her. Maybe she and Derrick bought some condoms and had the sense to shut up about it. We can hope.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    I knew about the home-ground, home-baked whole wheat bread obsession but no day-old bread either? So…French toast is of the devil?

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    I mean, it’s kind of delicious in a “I could only eat this a couple times a year at most” way. I’d just feel gross if I ate it often.

    Weird how difficult it can be to distinguish between “60s midwestern housewife cooking” and “Something a stoned college kid thought up in the middle of the night on a Friday.”

  • Nea

    French toast and bread pudding and stuffing all, I guess.

  • SAO

    Does Jill have decent health insurance? If they are self-employed “missionaries” they would need an Obamacare plan, which isn’t cheap (at least not for my family with two over 50s).

  • SAO

    Childbirth is done by women, who, in the CPM, are often the objects of “purity,” back to nature, Little House on the Prairie, or other pseudo-traditional, limiting ideas.

  • Wade

    If you pay attention to her kids’ bios, she does sort of, entirely unintentionally, point to one of them.

  • pinkie

    More for me then, French toast is delicious.

  • AutumnMF

    I always worried about the big babies, and I was always worried that they had the dates right…They said that that 9 pound 14 oz baby was a 40 weeker, but what if the dates are suspect and that’s a 38 weeker? The 37 weeker might weigh 8# and change, but it’s still a 37 weeker, unless it’s REALLY a 35 weeker!! Prematurity can cause all manner of problems. respiratory issues, and jaundice come immediately to mind.

    Now so everyone knows, my second baby was 9#12 and 3/4 ounces and I flew right under the gestational diabetes lines. I was VERY lucky. I was also more diet conscious with my last baby, and she came in at a rational 8#8oz.

  • swbarnes2

    The preference for vaginal birth isn’t totally symbolic. Once you cross C-section 4, the dangers increase quite a bit, and get worse after that. If she wants a super big family, she had to give VBAC a serious shot.