Evangelical Christians and the Confederate Flag

Evangelical Christians and the Confederate Flag August 19, 2017
Meme from Facebook. Origin unknown
Meme from Facebook. Origin unknown

by Suzanne Titkemeyer

To everyone sharing that Confederate flag while claiming religious symbolism needs to know you are sharing fake news. The designer of the emblem himself, William Porcher Miles, stated several times that the diagonal “cross” and other elements of the flag were careful not to represent any official religion because there were Jews and others of different religions in the Confederacy and they wanted something that could represent anyone in the South no matter what the flavor of their religion.

The letters of the flag designer still exist debunking this, and there are mentions of it in history books written by scholars. They’ve debunked the idea of this meme pretty thoroughly through the years, using the existing letters of William Porcher Miles.

From Snopes.com:

“But author John Coski, the historian for the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia, pointed out in his 2005 book The Confederate Battle Flag: America’s Most Embattled Emblem that the battle flag’s designer, William Porcher Miles, actually strove to avoid attributing any religious meaning to it.

In short, according to the man who was most responsible for promoting what we call the Confederate flag, it was an explicitly secular flag and its colors represented republican virtues. As I wrote in my book, others promoted the “Southern Cross” for religious reasons and the flag took on religious meaning to many southerners even before the end of the war, but its original intent was not religious and its religious significance is primarily a 20th-century product.”

Please stop falling for Facebook memes that do not have a grain of truth. Search engines are your friends. Sharing fake news makes the world much dumber.

This is why a fully-rounded education devoid of religious influence in every subject matters. A little knowledge keeps folks from making spurious claims like this. Many times in Evangelical Christianity as long as the idea fits their own personal agenda they will accept it as the Gospel truth. How anyone can think that the symbol of a group that believes they are literally superior to another group of human beings has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus, no matter what they claim.

Sad that the men of the Confederacy were more inclusive than many American Evangelical Christians.

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