Small-Breasted Biddies – Doug Wilson Word Salad

Small-Breasted Biddies – Doug Wilson Word Salad September 21, 2017

WordSaladby Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog – A Tether Ball in a Tornado

Editor’s note: While this has little to do with the Quiverfull life it’s another example of pastors speaking out in disrespectful ways with disgusting words about things that have literally nothing to do with their sphere of influence. I am sure many of you saw the interview on CNN by Brooke Baldwin of Fox Sports Clay Travis. Clay used the word ‘Boobs’, Brooke objected that it was inappropriate and Clay continued to use it again and again, to the point where the other guest, also a man, objected. Wilson is trying to say that it’s hypocritical for Baldwin to be offended because she’s clearly some sort of a sodomite whore in his mind. But then he goes to the insult like small-breasted biddies. tNice, Doug, nice and it reveals what some of these Good Christian Patriarchs really think about women.

Let’s conduct a little thought experiment, you and I. Let us try to imagine what kind of discourse, what kind of language, is acceptable in the CNN newsroom when the cameras are not running, when that little camera light is not on. What kind of all-purpose adverbs, beginning with the letter f, might we be accustomed to hear in casual conversation, whether or not a female host might be on set? Does anyone seriously think that the guy behind camera one might shush the guy behind camera two? “Sirrah! I pray you to please remember that there are ladies present.” No, no, dear reader—you overshot by a century, and have confused the present year with 1852. No, no, dear reader—you are hallucinating.

We have had publishing events like 50 Shades. We have had raunchy routines from comediennes like Sarah Silverman. We have had rap artists cutting up their bitches. We have had reality television set ups that would clog the filters of a sewage treatment plant for a major urban area. We have gone from the time when Rhett Butler saying “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” was a national event, to the point now where it is a national event if the hostess of any given awards show doesn’t fall out of her dress. Our ruling elites, pretty much all of them, are gathered on Lot’s front porch, trying to find the doorknob while yelling incoherently about their incoherent lusts. Not only do they want to rape the angels, they are mortally offended that some sports guys said boobs on CNN.

Doug Wilson then goes on to republish some of his most vile ‘greatest hits’ of the wrongs of feminism through the years. Here’s just one example of his justification that Baldwin had no rights to object to language around her:

“So feminism — smash the patriarchy feminism — wants us to be ruled by harridans, termagants, harpies and crones. That sets the tone, and the pestering is then made complete by small-breasted biddies who want to make sure nobody is using too much hot water in the shower, and that we are all getting plenty of fiber. And if anyone reads these words and believes that I am attacking all women by them, that would provide great example of why we should not entrust our cultural future to people who can’t read”

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