Nicole Naugler – Martyrbating and Attention Seeking Behavior?

Nicole Naugler – Martyrbating and Attention Seeking Behavior? October 30, 2017

trueloveOver the course of the last week I’ve had contact with someone we’ve featured here at NLQ only a few times over two years ago – Nicole Naugler. You remember the Naugler family of Kentucky, don’t you? They lost temporary custody of all ten of their children due to the unsanitary and unsafe living conditions at their home. The family lived without the benefit of running water, sanitary conditions, or electricity  in the three sided combination tent – wooden shanty. But they claimed they were being persecuted by local law enforcement and children’s services because they homeschooled, which was patently false.

The Nauglers eventually regained custody of their children and they fell off the media radar. They’ve only reappeared a few times for bad behavior in public a few times and other child safety investigations after neighbors alleged they were dumping large quantities of human waste on their property to the detriment of the ground water situation in their area.

I’d forgotten about this odd Quiverfull family until they popped up on NLQ’s Facebook page, my personal Facebook page and other social media accounts related to me or NLQ. Nicole Naugler showed up to tell me that NLQ was inaccurate and that I’d pulled the information in the articles out of my “expletive deleted” – words I cannot use on this site instead of realizing that the information in the articles came from news coverage in her area.

After moving just one of her not so nice comments onto I started to wonder why now, why at all and what was going on with Nicole, doing a little Googling to try and work out what the asteroid she thought she was accomplishing by poking my badger with her rusty spoon.

Interestingly enough it seems like Nicole Naugler is exhibiting one of the most common, yet ridiculous behaviors in Evangelical Quiverfull movement. No, not trying to be a female culture enforcer. Almost all blogging Quiverfull mommas try their hand at that. She’s pulled the same thing as Lori Alexander and many others – theological and lifestyle blogging but flying into a raging fit when anyone disagrees with her, calling all her detractors names and accusing them of stalking her. She has whole pages with names, addresses and online information on all those that do not tell her she’s the greatest thing since the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

Reading through the blogs dedicated to pointing out Nicole’s bad behaviors, many of her own blog pages including telling everyone to mind their own business over a recent pregnancy because she knew what she was doing and didn’t need prenatal care (the pregnancy ended in a stillborn son), and an endless parade of fighting and unpleasantness brings up a variety of issues about Quiverfull. It seems petty and futile, whatever it is Mrs. Naugler thinks she’s accomplishing.

Do Quiverfull bloggers and families chasing the Duggar crown get some sort of emotional payoff from claiming they are being stalked and harassed when it looks like mere differences of opinion? Why all the martyrdom? Why try to purposely fight with others when the Bible itself states ‘Blessed are the peacemakers”?

But the biggest question all this raises, and it can be used with all those we don’t agree with in this world, what does an effect response to martyrbators look like? Do we engage, ignore or reach out? What do you think?

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