Ken Ham Thinks Women Are Too Dumb to Make Reproductive Choices?

Ken Ham Thinks Women Are Too Dumb to Make Reproductive Choices? November 11, 2017

A series of recent tweets from Ken Ham of ‘Answers in Genesis’ take a completely different take than the usual ‘Abortion is murder’ tactics usually employed by Ham and his associates. Now Ham seems to be claiming in a series of tweets that not only is abortion wrong in his opinion, he thinks that unless a man explains to a woman what pregnancy and abortion are she’s too dumb to know.

Here are the tweets screen capped from his twitter feed:

Screenshot-2017-11-11 Ken Ham on TwitterScreenshot-2017-11-11 Ken Ham on Twitter(1)

Where do these men get their information? I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone that has ever grown to adulthood  in America as a women who is not mentally deficient has a good idea how her reproductive system works, what abortion does and is capable of making those decisions without a Good Christian Patriarchy of his ilk explaining it to her. Unless you are a female member of certain groups like his. Men like Kevin Swanson, Jim Bob Duggar and Steven Anderson wrongly claim that birth control causes abortions instead of what it actually does, prevent ovulation and implantation.

Dragging out the process of ending a pregnancy by forcing the woman to listen to fetal heartbeats and view ultrasounds sounds cruel from here. Women know what they are doing and do not need guilt, pressure and condemnation heaped upon them during a difficult emotional time. Improved access to birth control would reduce abortion rates if any of these guys were truly interested in both ending abortion and helping women.

ETA: Which ever fundy it was that hated that we were discussing sex ed last month is back and flagging all posts that mention being educated about your body. So I’ve moved the comments to moderated status. It’s the only way to stop the idiot that is uncomfortable with women knowing anything about how their bodies work and sex.

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