Evangelical Christians Awful Defense of Roy Moore

Evangelical Christians Awful Defense of Roy Moore November 10, 2017
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The last two or three weeks have held a constant barrage of new reveals of sexual abuse revelations about many famous people. A friend of mine has dubbed all the accused as ‘The Daily Parade of Perverts’. It does seem like we suddenly have a tidal wave of victims and accusers. A few days ago allegations surfaced about Alabama GOP politician Roy Moore.

Four women have come forward to say that Roy Moore took advantage of them while they were in their teen, below the legal age of consent. One of the young women was only 14 when a 32 year old Moore groomed her for inappropriate sexual contact that reads like the many misdoings of ATI head Bill Gothard – touching on the outside of her bra and underwear before insisting that she touch his genitals.

The others reported that while in his thirties he dated them. What makes his dating life with them skeevy and possibly illegal is that they were all under age while he was a grown man in his thirties. With one of the women he provided alcoholic beverages to drink.

The timing of the accusations against Moore is perfectly timed to possibly wreck his Senate run. Voting in Alabama to put Judge Moore into place as a Senator for the great state is roughly a month from now, five weeks. This latest, you would think, would force Moore from the race, or doom his chances. Certainly the Republican party can also remove him from the ballot if he refuses to step down. The GOP has had their issues with Moore over the years. He does them no favors by his controversial words and stances on a number of issues, always taking the Fundamentalist or Evangelical Christian position and loudly proclaiming his moral mandate.

Not so fast. Prominent Evangelicals in the Republican party have in the last day concocted a number of wild defenses ‘because Bible’ excusing any possible wrong-doing on his part. They are backing him in the wake of the accusations. Moore’s campaign has tried to frame the accusations as the acts of Satan, going so far as to send around an email asking for support by saying “a spiritual battle” against “the forces of evil”

The excuses being made the the Evangelicals defending Roy Moore run from the bizarre to the laughable. Example:

“I don’t think this kind of story will change support for him among Christians since he has categorically denied it. Most will see it as dirty politics.”

– Jerry Falwell, Jr. on Roy Moore.

Here are a few:

  • It’s no big deal because Moore never had full on penis in vagina sex with any of the accusers.
  • Mary was only 13 when she married a much older man, Joseph, and gave birth to Jesus.
  • Fake news
  • Obama/Clinton/Democratic Party cooked up this lie.
  • It took place 40 years ago.
  • There are many stories in the Bible with a teenage girl and an older man.
  • There is nothing wrong with a 30 year old man asking a 16 year old girl for a date.
  • He married a young woman when he was older so he never had bad intent towards those teens, only the possibility of matrimony.
  • The accusers should be prosecuted for coming out now with their stories.
  • The accusers are lying.
  • They wanted it.
  • The story is not important.

See where I’m going with this? How many times in Quiverfull have we seen some supposedly righteous patriarch been accused and sometimes legally convicted of sexually abusing younger women and seen the same excuses trotted out each and every time. Back when Jack Schaap was convicted on violations of the Mann Act and other charges stemming from his sexual abuse of a minor he was counseling because she’d been previously sexually abused by someone else his supporters at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana said almost the exact same things. When Bill Gothard’s accusers came out with their testimony of his grooming of them leading to his taking advantage of them many Quiverfull followers of Gothard and ATI came out with the same tired excuses. Same with Josh Duggar being revealed as molesting his sisters and soliciting affairs on Ashley Madison. Former IFB pastor Bruce Gerencser has written extensively about pastors being found out as sexual predators and the mental gyrations congregants will engage in to excuse the pastor’s actions in his series Black Collar Crime.

Salon posted an article today that explains why people like Evangelicals always want to pin the problem on the accusers. It’s because it’s too hard to reevaluate everything you believe in. What they missed is that for people caught in the endless loop of Quiverfull Christianity that closely examining what you believe and how this impacts your belief set is way too frightening because it almost always leads to their entire world crashing down. It’s too scary.

At the same time I’m glad that all these instances are coming out. Its time as a nation and culture that we no longer accept the sexual abuse of women.

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