Kevin Spacey Promotes Evangelical Lies on Homosexuality

Kevin Spacey Promotes Evangelical Lies on Homosexuality October 31, 2017

Screen cap of Kevin Spacey in 'House of Cards'
Screen cap of Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’

Yesterday morning when I arose I saw that we had another sexual assault accusation against someone in Hollywood. For once it was not Harvey Weinstein or any other movie producer pressuring an actress into a sexual act by linking a possible work opportunity with cooperation. It was actor  Kevin Spacey, one of the stars of the Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ being accused of having made an attempt to have sex with a 14 year old actor years ago.

Many of my LGBT friends were posting about the sexual abuse of a child that Spacey issued a statement about. The biggest problem they had with the scandal was that statement. The overwhelming majority took issue with Spacey’s decision to deflect responsibility by choosing to use this as an opportunity to come out, to tell everyone that he was gay.

Yes, it was tacky, disrespectful and a whole pile of awful in using a public apology to identify his personal sexuality. But it was disturbing on an entirely different level in that it supports some of the most poisonous ideas still very much in the theology of many. Much of what Kevin Spacey said reinforces two of the bigger lies about homosexuality that the Evangelical Quiverfull community promotes.

  1. By coming out and explaining his sexual abuse of a child Spacey is promoting that big fear that the church has about gay men in particular, that gay men are all pedophiles just waiting for an opportunity to molest the nearest child. This is one of the lies pushed by guys like Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church to justify his idea that all gays should be murdered. His words give life to the notion that many are using in their demonetization of the gay community when there is no evidence or statistics to support the all gays are secret pedophiles thinking.
  2. When Spacey explains in his statement that he has had relationships with both men and women before he says that he chooses to identify now as gay makes it seem like sexuality is a choice, not a hard-wired in biological drive that science seems to indicate. We’ve all seen the harm this bit of misinformation about sexual does. People like Bill Gothard and others have preached the idea of praying away the gay, that whom you have sex with is a choice that you control.
  3. Spacey’s announcement minimizes what he’s done, committed the crime of child sexual abuse, limping through a pallid excuse of an apology and turning the entire thing into being about himself. Which is what many of the ‘Good Christian Patriarchs’ do when caught doing something similar. Jack Schaap of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana anyone?

It’s amazing how many times when something happens that you can see links back into the lies inherent in patriarchal Christianity.

Gay men are not secret pedophiles waiting for the chance to molest your child.

Your sexuality is not a choice like deciding you want Coke instead of Pepsi.

Sincere apologies do not revolve around the perpetrator’s needs.

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