David and Louise Turpin Hit With Additional Charges

David and Louise Turpin Hit With Additional Charges February 25, 2018
Screen cap from one of the CNN broadcasts. David and Louise Turpin.

There have been some inquiries through NLQ’s Facebook page asking if anyone has heard anything on the status of the Turpin family situation. Turns out that David and Louise Turpin have been hit with additional legal charges. The Turpins, if you recall, are the homeschooling religious family in Perris, California that used homeschooling to cover up the extreme abuse and starvation of their 13 children. The children ranged in age from 29 years old to 2 years old.

The neglect and abuse was so extreme that all of the children are still in hospitals receiving treatment. It’s likely they will be left with a lifetime of health challenges from the starvation. The two hospitals involved and several charities have raised over a million dollars so far to pay for the needs of these victimized children and young adults. It’s one thing we still do well in this country, respond generously when the need and injustice is mighty.

News reports say that the children and young adults are doing well, receiving appropriate medical and psychological treatment. CNN published a report that the young adults are learning the guitar as part of musical therapy. Hoping they all continue to heal and that a supportive community surrounds these young men and women.

The new charges against David and Louise Turpin are three additional charges of child abuse. Additional charges stem from additional evidence uncovered as part of the ongoing investigation. It’s possible we may see more charges in the future as the investigation continues. The parents have had a few court hearings and are still being held in jail, unable to raise the massive bail set for them.

Some of the newer stories reference the Turpin parents beating, choking and strangling the children as well as using extreme food and water deprivation to control them. The Turpins are barred from seeing their children, as well they should be, and it’s a likely possibility that the courts will sever all parental rights of the parents.

No word yet if Christian child abuse manual ‘To Train Up a Child” by Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries was found in the Turpin home.

We’ll start keeping a closer watch on this terrible situation and keep you updated as information comes out.

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