Men Are Always Violent?

Men Are Always Violent? February 24, 2018
You get the feeling that this old magazine summarizes what Larry Solomon believes about masculinity. I don’t advise using a grenade launcher without a shirt on. Found on Facebook

Oh boy, when Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles takes on a newsworthy topic he comes away with the weirdest interpretations. Larry is busy talking about the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He says that men are masculine and always violent, so the fact that all these school shooters are masculine is normal. Very odd post even for Larry. It does illustrate perfectly what toxic ideas on masculinity are.

Yes, Larry thinks that hyper-masculinity is Godly. Figures.

Then Larry goes on to claim that the reason men in his world must be hyper-masculine is that they are required to be a reflection of God, and God is obviously up in the heavens flexing and shooting guns. Okay, so I made up the bit about flexing muscles and playing with guns.

Larry then looks at a recent article by USA Today that asks the question if boys are broken by the expectations and conforming to strictly laid out gender roles.  I’d say that the author makes some good points that we must consider, but Larry thinks everyone must conform to their gender roles.

Larry has no problem with those things. He thinks they are proud accolades of maleness. I hope anyone that might allow their boys to spend the night at his house with his sons thinks twice. In households like Larry’s where this view of males is prevalent you have a high potential for unsupervised young males trying stunts like from the MTV show “Jackass” with some pretty awful results.

When my grown son was a mere 13 years old I had to have a not so friendly conversation with the father of one of his closest friends. I overheard my son tell his friend that he was ‘too busy’ to spend Saturday at his house, and I asked him about it later, knowing we weren’t busy. My son finally told me he didn’t want to go because his friend always wanted to do the most frightening things in the middle of the night, like walk across a nearby busy highway at 1 am, or explode things in the woods then, and other tales of juvenile aggression. I was pretty horrified, because I had no idea this was happening in that home. I asked where this kid’s single father was and it came out that daddy was usually absent much of the night, because he was down the road at the bar. I talked to the father and expressed my fears about those behaviors and daddy blew me off, excusing it as just ‘what boys do’, just like Larry. No, that’s not just what boys do, but it is what happens when there’s no parental presence or oversight.

Just because you can do something does not always make it a good idea, like firing that grenade/rocket launcher shirtless and risking burned skin.

Not true. Violence is not a good answer to anything. I cannot condone officers shooting Cruz either. The school did have an armed security office from law enforcement and there were other armed officers there who did nothing while he shot students and teachers. I know there are some out there calling for those that didn’t kill Cruz immediately to be lynched, but usually a violent response is not a good solution. How about this, making sure that weapons only suitable for law enforcement or the military do not legally end up in the hands of civilians. That would have stopped the shooting before it started.

Normal adolescents don’t always make good decisions, what makes Larry think that one with the possible issues of fetal alcohol syndrome and mental health issues is capable of making good choices? You ‘teaching’ your sons ‘gun safety’ isn’t a fool-proof thing. I have a cousin that’s been dead twenty years now who was being raised by a staunch NRA supporter father ‘gun safety’. His father swore none of the kids knew where the key to the gun safe was. One afternoon, after school, a 11 year old brother and a 13 year old brother horsing around doing the kind of things kids get into after school while parents are at work. Siblings fight and the 13 year old blew off the 11 year old brother’s head with an assault weapon obtained from that locked safe. The best ‘gun safety’ is not having weapons in the home.

No! No 18 year old has any business with an assault rifle until they are issued one by the military. I always knew that Larry was an awful father, but he just confirmed.

Raising your boys like Larry has does not make this invulnerable to gun violence, school shootings or anything else. It just doubles down on the toxic ideas of what manhood should be.

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