What Happens if You Turn ‘Virginity is a Gift’ Around?

What Happens if You Turn ‘Virginity is a Gift’ Around? February 18, 2018

I’ve been thinking all weekend about that #RenosNuggets from pastor Reno Omokri and his stinky tuna steaks representative of vaginal orifices. What happened if we flipped his horrible and false script, and insist all men stay virgins and forecasting some dire consequence happening to their penises. This is what I came up with:

It works about as well as the original, which is not at all, even with biologically impossible claims of shrinkage or breaking off. It’s insulting for either sex to make claims about sexual history ruining the sex lives of married folks (or as long as everyone has had the proper testing for STDs before the marriage). You sex life, your history is no pastor’s business ever, unless you happen to be married to a pastor.

This was not done to insult men, but to show how silly the entire idea of breaking some part of your body by employing it for the action it was meant for actually is. Men rock. Penii are great. No one should have to put up with these nonsense ideas flowing out of certain sections of the church. Modesty and virginity teaches harm people, teaching them shame for what comes naturally.

(Thanks to my husband for agreeing to have sausage for several meals!)

Returning tomorrow with our regular content because that Lori Alexander has been up to some rather false claims this week. Thankfully none of them involve food, gonads or virginity.

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