The Pearls Scrub Website Ahead of Duggar-Related Conference?

The Pearls Scrub Website Ahead of Duggar-Related Conference? February 19, 2018

This morning I went into Debi and Michael Pearl’s website No Greater Joy and noticed something quite curious. Most of the letters to the Pearls begging for advice are just absolutely blank. The graphic of the letter is still there. The ‘By’ is still there, but the content is completely gone. Wiped away as if it never existed. Here’s a few screen caps.

They’ve left up a few topics, like ‘Go and Sneer No More’ and others, but it looks like very large swaths of the readers letters and Pearl answers are completely gone. Which begs the question of why? Are they being sued? Did the police find a dog-eared copy of ‘To Train Up a Child’ at the Turpin’s home? I doubt it’s because we’re about to see a kinder gentler version of the Pearls. We know that Michael is never going to pull down his child-beating manual. He gave an interview to gossip site Radar Online recently stating that the book stays. Here’s a screen cap from that.

Do you think it’s possible the media attention focused on the recent news that the Pearls would be speaking at Joy Duggar Forsyth’s in-laws camp – Rock Family Camp and teaching on child discipline is behind this scrubbing?

Currently the Forsyth’s will be hosting the Pearls for a few days in June and October. When critics of Pearl flooded the Forsyth family’s social media with requests that they cancel the Pearls due to the fact that Michael Pearl’s book has at least four child murders linked to the methods. But the Forsyth’s defended the Pearls openly on social media, stating that the methods were good ones.

While the Duggars have said nothing in public about the outcry, or mentioned in the Pearls in the few times they showed off ‘Blanket Training’ on their television show it’s pretty obvious they are disciplining using the Pearl method. They did share on their social media the appearance by the Pearls at Rock Family Camp and urge their fans to join the Duggars at the event, which is clearly a stamp of approval on the questionable methods used by the Pearls to get children to behave. So yes, the Duggars must also believe the same methods the Pearls teach, beating babies as young as four months old and using plastic plumbing line to whip children into instant obedience.

There have been for months now some disappeared photos and graphics, plus the occasional missing post at the Pearl website No Greater Joy. It looked initially like too many years of content causing the server to malfunction on the archive end. But this looks deliberate, is recent, and it’s the reason NLQ hasn’t shared their letters as frequently in the last few months. The letters have now gotten hard to find. Curiouser and curiouser.

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