Homeschooling Violence? – Questioning the Pearls

Homeschooling Violence? – Questioning the Pearls February 4, 2018

This question to the Pearls of No Greater Joy on problems with grandparents who object to homeschooling seems like another fake Pearl letter with an over the top overreaction of a response.

First the Letter labeled ‘Wolf in Grandma’s Clothing’ that I would label ‘Fake Fake Fake’:

Advice? Advice on a fake letter. How about the Pearls stop coming up with the most ridiculous fear-mongering scenarios and stop trying to pass them off as legitimate correspondence.

Parent’s educational choices for their children should be up to the parent, not grandparents, but at the same time it’s pretty normal for a grandparents to have opinions It’s not the end of the world and I seriously doubt many grandparents are threatening violence. Bonus fear mongering.

When trying to control your followers always invoke the ridiculous threat of CPS and then follow that with urges to irresponsibly run off and start again. Not very mature.

Would it not be better just to simply talk to the family and hash it out like adults? Why is it so hard for adults to talk like adults with each other to problem solve in QF?

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