Ken Alexander Runs Lori’s Blog – The Tranformed Wife?

Ken Alexander Runs Lori’s Blog – The Tranformed Wife? February 6, 2018

It must be exhausting to be The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander. So much theological and language Twister, tied up in knots, so much twisting, turning and manipulating. She is especially found of using the internet to tell the rest of us that we should not be using it because it will fry your brain or cause you to sin, or some such claim.

Yes, Lori is desperately jealous of all those other female Christian bloggers who blog, sell books and go around teaching when she’s not as popular. Every single time this happens (at least a couple of times a month now) she goes off on a rant about the Eeeeebils of blogging, or possibly teaching men, or how the womenz be ignoring their fragile helpless hubbies, or worse of all they are not her!!!!

Yesterday Lori was bent and claiming that technology can literally fry your brain. Today it’s back to trying to shame any other female that tries to teach. It’s boring actually, yet at least somewhat amusing since it’s always apparent that these posts spring out of jealous blog temper tantrums. I wonder how Ken puts up with this bad behavior. Does she manage to quash it around him? I doubt it.

What puts today’s blogging apart is what she claims her husband Ken’s roll is in her blog. Ken is the God of her blog, decider of commentary and content, but she’s 100% free to write what she wants. Yeah, right. You believe that and I have some nice (almost) beachfront property to sell you that you’ll merely have to evict the crocodiles first. Read on:

Whoa, there is a lot that Lori’s not mentioned before. I’m guessing even she is tired of her often used excuses of what everyone else is sinning by blogging but she’s God’s blogger version of Betty Bowers. First, all this talk of Ken being completely in charge of her blog, but she’s 100% free to post what she wants is just so, err, um, completely illogical and opposite land in so many ways. She’s a hundred percent free to blog about whatever she wants that Ken approves of. I guess that keeps him too busy to stare at nursing mothers breasts.

The other part I find surprising that hasn’t appeared in any of Lori’s blogging is the claim that a woman should never have or hold any acclaim for anything she does, that it has to puff up the man only. I don’t see that what the Proverbs 31 woman is doing only gives her husband a good name. It talked about her family and servants esteeming her.

Everyone is capable of esteem-able behavior and the other party is not somehow lessened by the great actions of their spouse.

I know one thing, getting an ego boost by those those agree with you and cutting off the voices of all those that might point out the holes in your logic and scripture fail is not something worth of esteem. Why so jealous, petty and threatened if your version of God is so mighty? I just cannot understand the wacky twists and turns in her blog. Why is it that all her theology involves putting down someone else?

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